Why men prefer Ukrainian wife

Whatever it was, regardless of the proportions of the body and eye color (or hair), Ukrainian women are always considered the most beautiful girls. What is the secret of their beauty?

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. This is confirmed not only by international competitions, but also by foreigners themselves, who just dream of marrying an economic and attractive.

What is the secret of such incredible popularity? First of all, we are able to create harmony and comfort in the family – it is based on age-old traditions, which are transmitted over the years from mother to daughter. This is what foreign guests pay attention to, because European and American women are not so kind in everyday life: in the first place they have career and personal interests.

Employees of marriage agencies made sure that most customers are purposefully asked to find their wife is originally from Ukraine, sometimes even go on search with friends and are willing to spend lot of time.

Another trump is the habit of taking care of yourself. Indeed, most of our beauties do not walk the streets without make-up, too respect themselves and, by the way, do the right thing: this advice at one time gave an icon of style Coco Chanel. And we learned it well.

Conquer foreigners and culinary skills. Ukrainians are not only delicious, but also believe that it is their direct duty. If European can only feed her husband in the morning with oatmeal, and an American – to stock up on semi-finished products in the store, then we know how to pamper your loved ones with something unusual and satisfying.

Therefore, no matter how many attractive models Shine with beauty on the catwalks, foreigners still see in their dreams wedding ceremony and happy life with Ukrainian women. The main thing is not to fall into the “bad hands” and make the right choice, not forgetting that good men and our Country is not enough.

Wind in the head or good wife?

More recently, it was believed that Ukrainian women in Europe can only work as prostitutes or servants. Indeed, according to the Ukrainian Institute of sociological research, more than 100 thousand Ukrainians are employed abroad in the sex industry. The deplorable state of the Ukrainian economy forces girls to go to work abroad, and very often they do not see for themselves other prospects than trading their own body. In extreme cases, they are arranged dancers, waitresses, nannies and housekeepers. But now there is tendency to marry Ukrainian women. Why not? They, unlike Western European women, are not yet spoiled by feminism. Ukrainian, not married to 27 years, is considered “illiquid”.

And Western women at this age are busy building career, and the family and children often begin to think closer to 40. Ukrainian women are ready to deal with children, household, many of them love to cook.2 Plus to everything Ukrainian women are quite temperamental, but not aggressive, and their soft Slavic accent simply fascinates foreign grooms. Many of them are well educated and quite capable of supporting conversation. And most importantly – they rarely keep something at home, and they are not afraid to start new life, quickly adapting to new conditions.

Marriage tours

Today wealthy British, French, Spaniards spread from 1500 to 3000 pounds sterling for “romantic tour”. They are promised that they will meet “young beautiful women who believe in family values”. Indeed, during this tour, the band of 15-25 “customers” get acquainted with about 150-250 women. On average, it is 5 women per day. However, many of them do not know foreign languages, so you have to communicate through an interpreter. To make it easier to establish contact, each of the participants is attached to the clothes piece of paper with the name and even sometimes with the number. Popular and Dating with Ukrainian women on the Internet. “In Ukraine, men are lazy. They want women to support them. Therefore, the girls want to leave,” says 23-year-old student of Medical University named Irena, who registered on Dating site and has already been on 20 dates with foreigners. There are marriage agencies that specialize in finding Ukrainian brides for foreigners. Most customers are from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, USA. Although the girls themselves prefer Europeans rather than Americans.

Fleeing from poverty, instability and war, Ukrainian women are increasingly marrying foreigners. Over the past ten years, the proportion of mixed marriages in the country has doubled.

Marriage or divorce?

Of course, it’s not always fun to be successful. It happens that one or the other side, or both remain for nothing. Sometimes the girls do not intend to get married, they dream that wealthy fan paid for their trip, led them to restaurants, gave expensive gifts or provided with money… While they are ready to “twist the Dynamo” until the last, denying the potential “groom” in intimacy. When the pull on it is simply impossible, “the bride” reported that loves someone else or just disappears. man often does not even understand that he was simply “divorced”.

Some girls do not even reach the meeting – they can entice the “groom” money for foreign trip and disappear. Taught by bitter experience, foreigners now instead of money send “brides” e-tickets.4 Happens, that are deceiving and women. man can tell that he is rich, but in fact it turns out that he works for pennies and does not even have home. Ukrainian women should also be prepared for the fact that the foreign groom will not be the first youth. The average age of men who are looking for bride in Ukraine – 40 years. So they still can have kids and enjoy long years together.

Young men in the West are not difficult to find couple among compatriots, and they begin to think about the family only when they are firmly on their feet. If woman already has child, this is usually not problem. Many foreigners are ready to marry woman with children. The percentage of successful marriages and divorces between Ukrainians and Western men is about the same as everywhere else. Some, after parting with foreign husbands, and remain in the new “homeland”, get job and even make career.

Temperament and a huge ability to create strong families

Hardworking and temperamental Ukrainian women see the creation of strong family as the main priority of life, because they successfully cope with the role of caring mother, and with the role of loving wife. Not afraid of responsibility persistent and fighting Ukrainian women often in family life take the initiative in their own hands, keeping under the personal control of her husband, who in case of what can always fight back.

Ukrainian wives do not allow their husbands to raise hand, always defend their point of view, but, paradoxically, they strongly disown the ideas of feminism, wanting to remain the weaker sex with all the ensuing consequences.

Most women in Ukraine between career and family choose the second, trying to build cozy and clean nest. Elevating cleanliness in the cult, Ukrainian women do not accept the mess and dirt, but because their homes are always neat and tidy.

By the way, watching the house, they never forget about their appearance — makeup, manicure, hair, stylish clothes and shoes with heels — this is the minimum, without which no woman will not appear on the street, no matter how tired of household chores.

Along with the external attractiveness, Ukrainians are quite deservedly credited with sincerity, responsiveness and kindness of character. Despite the hardships and vicissitudes of fate, they are optimistic about the world, do not lose heart and in any situation try to find positive moments. Strong in spirit, cheerful and hospitable Ukrainian women are distinguished by hospitality and friendliness.


The stereotype of fatty foods among the mandatory skills of Ukrainian women is the ability to cook. Rich borsch, different variety of fillings dumplings, served with sour cream dumplings, aspic, all kinds of porridge and, of course, delicacies of lard — this is not all the culinary delights included in the Arsenal of the local hostess.

Ukrainians themselves the appearance of fat in their diet explain the Tatar-Mongol invasion. Nomads who did not eat pork for religious reasons, never attempted on this dirty animal, while other animals often climbed as tribute. To somehow provide the family enterprising Ukrainians began to actively engage in pig farming. Good pieces of carcass were usually taken to the market, and left themselves greasy and bony parts, of which the hostess cooked dishes that formed the basis of the national cuisine.

Today, due to the decline of the livestock industry, Ukraine has turned from an importer of fat into its exporter, and the younger generation, who prefers healthy and balanced diet, has reduced the consumption of this product to minimum.

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