Why are there so many beautiful single ladies in Ukraine?

If you’ve joined a Ukrainian dating site you may wonder why there are so many beautiful single ladies in Eastern Europe. It seems unbelievable that all those gorgeous beauties with slim bodies, perfect hair, pretty faces and radiant smiles are neglected by local men. In your own country there would be a crowd of men surrounding every single woman from the site. So why is it so different in Ukraine?

Well, simply put, there are two major reasons why there are so many single women in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Firstly, men tend to die rather young in Ukraine. And secondly, by the age of twenty five women are left with bad choice, and they prefer to stay single rather than to be with a lousy partner. But let’s explore this problem in more detail.

Beautiful Ukrainian woman looking for a boyfriend abroad

High mortality rate among men

The numbers of newborn girls and boys are approximately equal in Ukraine. However, by the age of twenty five the number of men starts drastically reducing. And this is not the worst possible scenario since the female-to-male ratio was even more skewed after the World War 11, when Soviet Union lost approximately twenty million of men. It took decades to negate the consequences of that war. At present, the imbalance is caused basically by unhealthy lifestyle of the male population.

According to statistics, the predominant reason why Ukrainian men tend to die young is alcohol abuse, excessive smoking, cardiovascular disease, accidents linked to driving when drunk, and suicide.

It’s rather difficult for a twenty-five year old women to find a decent partner, because the number of males is limited to start with, and the majority of decent men are already in relationships. And available men are often so uninspiring that even in such a desperate situation a woman will think twice before dating them, let along starting a family. From the other side, there are plenty of girls who feel lucky to get a man no matter what that man is like. Ukrainian women tolerate abusive relationship for decades just for the privilege of being a married woman.

However, present day girls are no longer willing to put up with such nonsense. Modern technology is at their side, and they use the power of the internet to their advantage. Online dating is an excellent way to broaden one’s horizons when searching for a life partner. There are plenty of dating sites where beautiful single ladies from Ukraine meet foreign men and start a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and affection.

Gorgeous Ukrainian singles looking for romantic relationships with foreign men

The majority of men in Ukraine are extremely self-centred

Spoiled by the abundance of beautiful women around him, an average Ukrainian man tends to take things for granted. He doesn’t have to take any special effort over courting a woman, and once they get married, she finds herself coping with all major problems alone. She works long hours, then comes back home only to work even more – cleaning, cooking, washing up is done predominantly by women, even if their income is equal to their husbands’ contribution towards a family budget.

Kids are also only a woman’s responsibility. With all that, a man feels that a woman is privileged to have him, because her friends are either never married or already divorced. Very often young girls observe such relationship between their parents and refuse to have the same destiny. They would rather spend their time on self development, education, travel rather than accepting a man with such ridiculous expectations. Beautiful single ladies of present day Ukraine prefer to reach out to the western countries where women are treated like equal partners in marriage.

Femininity vs feminism

Does it mean that they are ready to embrace feminism like their western counterparts do? Not at all. By demanding respect and equality in marriage Ukrainian women simply protect their femininity. An average Ukrainian woman is an extremely caring, loving and devoted spouse and mother. Her family is her world, and she’s ready for any sort of self-sacrifice in order to maintain a special atmosphere of love and peace at home.

But she also expects a man to do his part. Since she’s very young, she dreams of her Prince Charming who’ll protect her from the storms of life. With a Ukrainian man, however, instead of being a gentle feminine princess she has to harden and carry a heavy burden all by herself. Because if she doesn’t do it, no one will.

And in the end of the day, she decides to divorce. With the divorce rate in Ukraine reaching exorbitant 56%, it’s no wonder there are so many beautiful single ladies in the country. Each of those gorgeous women you see on international dating sites has a story to tell about her unfortunate love life.

How to approach a beautiful single lady from Ukraine on a dating site?

A sure way to win a Ukrainian girl’s affection is to prove that you’re nothing like a typical Eastern European man. If you’ve decided to approach beautiful single women in Ukraine , instead of being self-centred, demonstrate a genuine interest in her lifestyle, aspirations, dreams and values. Instead of waiting for her to solve any problems on the way to your happiness as a couple, be a determined decision maker. Don’t forget to pay her compliments, she deserves being appreciated. Send her flowers and small gifts to show your affection and care.

How to choose one woman among so many beautiful single ladies?

Starting a serious romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman on a dating site is no easy task. When you see so many gorgeous females it’s difficult to choose one. The good news is that you don’t have to. In the initial stages of your correspondence you contact as many women as you wish.

Make sure to read their profiles though. Don’t go for the looks alone – it’s extremely important to have something in common with a person you expect to become your partner for life. Pay a close attention to the profile field where they specify qualities of a potential soul mate. If you feel you could be that person, don’t hesitate to send a message to a woman.

Generally speaking, most men on international dating start corresponding with ten women or even more. Don’t feel bad about that – women do the same. As time passes, some of these gorgeous singles will stop replying for one reason or another while other will cease being that interesting to you. As you narrow down your correspondences, you’ll be left with two or three women to choose from. Just listen to your heart, and you’ll make no mistake.

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Pretty single women from Ukraine searching for love abroad

Use as many communication tools as possible

Online dating may appear very exciting at first, but it’s not easy to keep the fire burning while being thousands kilometres away from the object of your affection. That’s why you need to use as many communication tools as possible when handling correspondences with beautiful single ladies from Ukraine.

A reputable and trustworthy dating site provides a lot of ways to stay in touch, including chats, video chats, audio calls, messages and emails.

Besides this, you may send her a hand written letter, a small gift or a bouquet of flowers through a local flower delivery service. It’s also important to let her know that eventually you’re going to make a trip to Ukraine. This way both of you will have something to wait for. And of course, when you feel it’s time to meet her in person, make sure you have a wonderful time together. Meeting her family and friends would also be a wise thing to do.

So yes, there are really plenty of beautiful single ladies in Ukraine, and you can use this fact to your advantage. Having a Ukrainian wife is like winning a lottery – you will be amazed at how many positive things she’s going to fill your life with. All the best!

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