What does a Ukraine wife usually complain about?

If you’re looking for a Ukrainian woman to start a romantic relationship with, you may wonder why so many ladies from Eastern Europe are registered on international dating sites. Of course, there is an imbalanced male-to-to female ratio in Russia and Ukraine, and it gets harder and harder to find a husband or a boyfriend as a woman grows older. But the problem lies within not only the number of the local men. It’s also the question of their attitude. If you don’t want your Ukraine wife to complain and feel toughly unhappy, don’t be like the majority of the local guys. So here is what an average Ukraine wife complains about.

Her husband doesn’t take care of kids

He may be quite enthusiastic when a child is born. He can even change a diaper or two but not more than that. It’s the mother who doesn’t sleep at night, who takes the baby for walks, who gives them a bath and feeds them. It’s the mother who helps her kids with homework and engages them in different activities. Women come back from work and immediately get busy with child care, cleaning and cooking.

Men? They only complain of being tired after a long day at work. Typically they spend their evening either on a couch watching TV, or at their computers playing meaningless games to kill the time.

Present day Ukrainian women are not willing to tolerate this attitude anymore, thus the high divorce rate throughout the country.

And that’s why they prefer to look for a life partner abroad. Western men are known to be better father, and it’s important for a child to have two parents who equally care for them.

An average woman in Ukraine is often overworked and tired

Low salaries

Of course, with a difficult economic situation in the country it would be unreasonable to expect a man to earn thousands dollars. But even with low salaries, it’s a Ukraine wife who finds herself striving to ensure financial security of the family. If her wages are low, she’ll find an additional job. If there is chance to study and find a better job, she’ll use this chance. She always tries to improve her skills and broaden her horizons where career is concerned. Men? They are satisfied with just keeping a job. IF they happen to lose it, they may spend months or even years procrastinating or refusing jobs, because they are not too good for them and they obviously deserve something better.

According to the norms of the Ukrainian society, a man is supposed to be a provider of a family, but in reality their providing capabilities leave much to be desired. Why bother, anyway, if a wife will take care of the family’s finances? Needless to say, situations like this make a woman very unhappy. She finds herself questioning whether she needs a husband at all. Anf then it occurs to her that perhaps western men are more reliable and responsible husbands, and that’s why she ends up on a dating site.

Lack of personal attention

Another thing that a Ukraine wife usually complains about is a lack of attention from her husband. All the romance ceases to exist promptly after the wedding day. No flowers, no candlelit dinners, no conversations and outings. As mentioned above, Ukrainian husbands like to lose themselves in the virtual world of computer games, and they don’t have time or desire for anything else.

Lots of women end up feeling extremely lonely while being married and having a partner. Of course, a marriage like this doesn’t make any sense, and that’s why a woman chooses to look for her happiness elsewhere. Dating sites provide a perfect opportunity to meet a foreign man who’ll prove to be more caring and romantic. Act like a gentleman, and it will definitely make Ukrainian women fall in love with you.

Romantic Ukrainian women in search of love abroad

Typical womaniser’s behaviour

Lots o Ukrainian men seem to have very vague idea of being faithful in marriage. Looking at other girls is normal – everyone is attracted by young and beautiful bodies. If a couple has a normal, trustworthy relationship, a wife will only benefit from her husband looking at other girls – he gets excited and they have passionate and imaginative sex. However, in case of Ukrainian husbands, it’s never that simple. Very often they go for countless affairs or spend endless hours on dating sites talking to attractive females.

They’ll even accuse their wives of not being good-looking enough compared to those other women online. Of course, a Ukraine wife would rather have someone who doesn’t cheat on her. That’s why women decide to extend their searches of a decent partner to other countries. They believe that in the west men has a better understanding of what a relationship between a husband and wife should be.

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Lazing around at home

It’s common for Slavic men to consider all the work around the house a woman’s duty. She is supposed to come back from work and make her he inviting, clean and cosy. Vacuuming, cleaning, cooking and washing up are always a woman’s duty. Many families don’t own a car, so a wife has to bring heavy bags from the local supermarket. If a man does something around the house, he considers it a “hep” for his wife.

 In the west, spouses are equal partners in earning money, homemaking and bringing up their kids, and this is exactly what a Ukraine wife finds appealing. No one should be treated like a servant to provide conveniences at home – it’s up to two people to share the load.

Ukrainian wives complain about their husbands addicted to computer games

Looking untidy

Young Ukrainian guys are rather handsome and stylish, but after the age of twenty five many of them stop taking care of their appearance. Drinking too much beer results in a big belly. Clothes are untidy and shabby, hair is not combed. They don’t have to bother simply because even the most miserable looking man always gets a woman in Ukraine.

Women, in the contrary, take a very good care of their appearance. They stay slim and fit late in their forties and even fifties. They are always well dressed – Ukrainian women seems to be able to buy a lot of fashionable and stylish outfits in spite of their financial problems. Their hair is perfectly styled, and there is always beautiful makeup on their faces. Lots of Ukrainian women prefer wearing beautiful dresses and high heels which gives them a very feminine look.

With so much effort, it’s not very pleasant or a Ukraine wife to see a badly dressed and untidy man by her side. Of course, she can take care of his external looks, but it’s only an additional trouble for her. She would rather prefer a smart and elegant man from the USA, Australia or Canada who can really dress to impress. It’s definitely one of the things Ukrainian singles like in foreign men.

Spending too much time with his friends

It’s not uncommon for a Ukrainian woman to complain about being left alone at home. Husbands often hang out in their garages repairing cars and drinking beer with friends. On weekends, they like to go hunting or fishing instead of spending time with wives and kids. An average man would rather go bowling with his buddies rather than take his family out.

Is it that common?

Needless to say, not all the Ukrainian families are like that. There are decent men in Eastern Europe who are devoted husbands and caring fathers. But there are problems in the Ukrainian society that can’t be ignored. And it’s a good sign that women are no longer willing to tolerate injustices. For many centuries, gender roles were enforced upon them, and nothing much could be done about that.

With the advent of internet, Ukrainian women have an option to choose a life partner elsewhere. They are appreciated abroad for their beautiful appearance, intelligence and values. There are a lot of advantages to having a Ukrainian wife, and foreign men know about it. If you’re lucky to win the heart of one of those gorgeous girls, you’ll never regret the hardship of dating a woman who lives thousand miles away. All the best in your searches!