Ukrainian blonde blue-eyed women and other stereotypes

There are obviously stereotypes and false facts about everything in existence, including Ukrainians. It’s mostly nothing superstitious, nothing that can make you rethink your view on anything. But it’s, firstly, interesting and, secondly, helpful. Knowing which one of the things you assume is false will help you see a clearer picture.

For example, you don’t need to be neat and disciplined to date a German, the same goes for many facts about Ukrainians. At best, you’ll be able to avoid looking awkward or offending anyone. Or, at least, you’ll simply know more. That’s why you need to learn to separate solid facts from stereotypes and myths.

Long introduction aside, here are some of those false facts.

Origins mystification

This is a kind of fact you need to check not to look silly. Because mystification is never fun and can get you in trouble.

So, people from some countries have a tendency to tell everyone in a weird way, where their culture came from, and why they are better than their neighbors. Ukrainians do that sometimes. And here’s the useful part — if your Ukrainian blonde beautiful girlfriend tells you some of these, you probably need to do something with your relationship.

Ukrainians > Other Slavs

That’s mostly a rebuke towards Russians, but some of them also like to tell weird stories about the ancient times when they were great (and then they were gradually oppressed).

But yes, the Russians are involved as well. 

Not to get political or stand on anyone’s ‘side’, but such rhetoric is, by definition, nonsense. It’s mostly used by jingoistic people who have nothing better to do on the Internet. Every country has this kind of people, it just seems such theories are more popular in Ukraine than usual. Possibly because they get bullied a lot.

One of the ‘facts’ that people in Ukraine really like to remind others about is the effects the Mongol Horde had on other Slavic peoples. The Mongols conquered most of the Eastern Slavic lands. And despite being oppressed and conquered like anyone else, the Ukrainians tell everyone they were the only ones that managed to resist assimilation.

Consequently, the Russians and the Byelorussians have a lot more Mongol blood in them (which they don’t). But the thing is, Eastern Slavic peoples rarely intermarried with the Mongols. That’s why nobody has the ‘Mongol blood’ in these parts. Have you ever seen a Russian with narrow eyes and larger than usual cheekbones? 

It would be hilarious to even put it here if the many in Europe hadn’t believed it. Not that many people in Ukraine even believe that, but this rubbish still made it into the popular belief.

You aren’t dating ‘genuine’ Slavs when you date Ukrainians, nor you get ‘better genes’. That’s why there’s no point traveling to Ukraine for some Ukrainian blonde woman, they are not blonde because they are more European. 

Ukraine is the sole successor of the Rus

Yes, history is boring (not actually), but you need to make it through this section because Ukrainians do love their history. Everyone here will make sure to tell you things you didn’t even want to know.

That’s another rebuke to the ‘pureness’ of a Ukrainian nation. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. And Kiev also was a capital of an old Eastern Slavic kingdom called Kievan Rus, and the successor of this great kingdom, in theory, has great prestige… It’s a huge theological and political problem, don’t dig deep into it.

The point is, Russia says and all of the three East-Slavic countries are successors, but the Ukrainians insist that’s only they alone, and anyone else was just colonized. Which they weren’t. And in the end, Ukrainians aren’t the ‘purest’. Nobody is, it’s just bigotry.

Though, should you say otherwise to a Ukrainian, you’ll probably get chewed out.

The appearance

Ukrainians are pretty unique among Slavs, they have blonde hair, deep blue eyes and they are very tall, right? No, not to the degree you would expect. If anything, Ukraine, being a Southern maritime country, should have a pretty low rate of people with such characteristics. 

It’s usually the Scandinavians and their relatives who have qualities like these. The research says the same thing

  • Only 45% of Ukrainian males below 30 have light hair (blonde, light brown and red), and the Southern provinces (like Odessa) have even less — less than 20%. It is pretty average for Europe and for Slavic nations. Czech rate is about 56, Poles reach 46, Russians start with 45 in the Southernmost corners and reach ~70 in the North;
  • Blue eyes aren’t unique for Ukrainians either, the percentage of people with light eyes here barely scrape 50% in some regions. It’s pretty low of a result, even Bosnia overall reaches 80% on average;
  • Height isn’t the strongest side the Ukrainian people have. Most of the countries in Europe have an average height among the population a bit higher than 176 cm the Ukrainians have.

In conclusion to that, the Ukrainian blonde and blue-eyes women you’d really want to meet aren’t that numerous in the country. On the contrary, Ukrainian appearance is pretty average for European people.

Picture of a patriotic Ukrainian

Ukrainian women are pretty ‘obtainable’

This fact comes directly from the numbers of sex workers Ukraine produces for the World. The country is indeed leading in this category, but it has nothing to do with the mentality of women who live here. 

In fact, the sex subject isn’t really popular in Eastern Europe (not in the Eastern Slavic countries, at least). They don’t discuss it in public or virtually anywhere, unless at home. The subject is pretty limited in commercials and advertisements. This topic isn’t considered something to put on the public display.

And even when you manage to reach the subject, people who don’t look for a partner on purpose won’t respond positively, if your relationship is still in an early phase.

So… no, the chance that you get laid pretty early on in your romance is unlikely. Unless you meet a woman who really prefers this way of like, this isn’t something to count on.

Ukrainian women also chase rich Europeans

Well, some people aren’t very principles, but it’s really rude, to say at least, that the entire feminine population of a singular country would do anything for a dollar. This stereotype derives from the one above. Which, as you’ve seen, isn’t solid at all. 

Every woman understands that keeping a serious relationship with an outsider most of the time means leaving with him to his country. Would you want to leave your life behind in an instant? Well, Ukrainian women don’t. 

People from Ukraine are always drunk

Foreigners like to imagine most Slavs (Eastern Slavs in particular) as drunken swine, for some reason. They like to believe that Ukrainians drink vodka on every minor occasion. Which isn’t true, they really respect wines, too. And also don’t drink as much, no.

That’s a stereotype people used to (and still do, frankly) impose on Russians. And then the Ukrainians, on the basis of everyone calling them Russians all the time, received this label as well. 

The Russians aren’t even the hardest-drinking nation in Europe. What can you say about Ukrainians, they are much further away from the pedestal than Russians. That’s just mean to say that the entire nation likes to ‘hit a bottom’ constantly.

Image of date in bar

In conclusion

If only people observed a bit before jumping to conclusions, there wouldn’t be a need for topics like this one. Neither would you ruin your date with a Ukrainian blonde by saying something offensive, were you a bit more careful with your words. It’s not a full list of stereotypes and false info you’d be perplexed to be told about. You can figure out the rest by yourself.

But, apart from knowing what’s false, you also need more theory before diving into dating those Ukrainian blonde women that virtually don’t exist. You can check it here or watch the video below for some practical advise:

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