Ukraine scammer photos – girls to avoid when using a dating site

Ukrainian dating websites are getting increasingly popular, with men from all over the globe trying to find a beautiful and intelligent wife in Eastern Europe. And lots of them do find love indeed. However, one should remember that internet is a tricky place, where all sorts of scammers are ready to prey on you, especially when it comes to the whole online dating scene. There are lots of pages displaying Ukraine scammer photos, and one may wonder how many men have fallen victim to their cunning plots.

However, someone’s misfortune is only a warning sign that you should be more careful when looking for a woman of your dreams in Eastern Europe. Don’t get disheartened by sad stories of heartbroken men with emptied wallets – dating gorgeous Ukrainian singles is a wonderful experience you’ll really enjoy. Moreover, you have no idea how many advantages are waiting for you if you manage to marry an Eastern European woman.

Besides, scammers are easy detectable for someone who’s been dating online for a while. There are certain patterns to their behaviour, and you’ll learn to figure them out. And if you’re using a trusted and reputable website for dating online, their administrator will always be ready to help you out if something feels wrong.

Ukrainian woman scamming western man online

Different kinds of scammers

When you see Ukraine scammer photos, you’re amazed at how beautiful and seductive she is. Fraudsters always use alluring pictures to grab the attention of visually oriented man. Usually these men are of an older generation trying to find an Eastern European girl who is twenty years younger.

But it’s not necessary so, different scenarios are possible when it comes to scamming western men on Ukrainian and Russian dating websites. However, one thing is for sure – the ultimate goal of a scammer is money, but the methods of acquiring it may vary.

Some fraudsters go for the quick money and are satisfied with small amounts. Others will hatch a cunning plan of getting a large mount while toying around with their victim for months.

Quick money

A woman will “fall in love” with you after a week of talking to each other online. She’ll send beautiful mails full of seductive talk, intimate details and sweet promises. You are overjoyed and can’t believe your luck. After years of miserable love life in your home country you’ve managed to attract an exquisitely beautiful girl from a Ukrainian dating site and she’s madly in love with you.

Then she will casually ask you for financial support. She needs to visit a dentist, her grandmother is in the hospital, she’s about to be kicked out of a rented apartment – here are so many reasons to ask for money. In poverty stricken Ukraine it’s not easy to make a decent living, and sometimes it’s particularly hard for her to meet her financial obligations. Will you help her? Of course!

This small amount of money is not worth talking about when a woman promises you eternal love.

As a rule, scammers ask their victims to send money through systems like MoenyGram or Western Union. Bank accounts are easily traceable, and she wouldn’t like to reveal her real identity.

Scammer girl on a Ukrainian dating website

Long-term financial perspectives

Scammers can also prey on larger amounts of money. For example, if you join a pay-pr-letter dating site, you’ll have to pay for every mail you send or receive. Also, you’ll pay for every minute of communicating with a girl on Skype. They’ll even hire professional daters or models to talk to you in front of the camera.

When the game finally becomes too tedious, they’ll ask you to send money to purchase an air ticket in order to visit you in your home country. Alternatively, they can send you an expensive tour to her home town.

You’ll spend lots of money on all sorts of services when going on this tour, and the woman you dated online will reject you the very last day of your visit – she’s just “not ready yet” for any commitments. This is only one of many possible scenarios, but you’ve got it right – pay-per-letter sites are better avoided.

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Warning signals

There certain thing that should certain make you raise your hackles when dealing with fraudsters. As mentioned above, scammer photos are particularly seductive and alluring.

The majority of Eastern European girls on international dating sites are very good looking, but when it comes to Ukraine scammer photos, everything says “sex” about them: the pose, face expression, outfits (or their absence), and body language. If it doesn’t feel natural, do an image search to check whether these photos were stolen or used on other sites as well.

There are also other things to pay close attention to:

  • A woman insists on living a dating site after an introduction letter. She says its more comfortable for her to talk via email.
  • She says she loves you after a few messages.
  • She refuses to talk on Skype with you, inventing different reasons.
  • Her letters are generic and depersonalized. It’s like a monologue about her feelings and countless love confessions. If you try to ask something, your questions are usually left unanswered.
  • She complains too much about her hard life and endless misfortunes – usually such complains are followed up by requests for money.
Ukraine scammer photos to check when dating online

Simple rules to follow in order to avoid getting scammed

If you’re not willing to join the army of disillusioned men who fell for pretty Ukraine scammer photos, these are some simple rules to follow:

Check the information provided by a woman

In the world of today, it’s highly unlikely that a person is not registered anywhere else except a Ukrainian dating website.

If a person doesn’t have accounts in social media channels, it’s obviously a cause for concern.

Pay a closer attention to such women – they may not be who they claim they are. Also, check whether they are in the list of dating scammers. Such lists are easily available online – usually they are placed on specialized websites and forums.

Ask different questions

If a woman avoids answering your questions, it’s definitely a warning signal. If she keeps sending you seductive love declarations and “canned” emails, you’d better start looking for a soul mate elsewhere. If a woman is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship and marriage, she won’t ignore your questions.

Don’t share any personal info

Needless to say, you shouldn’t share nay credit card or online account details. It’s not recommended to share your address of residence, phone number and full name if you’ve just only started talking to someone. Avoid sending any intimate photos as well – a person may blackmail you for them.

Don’t send any money

No matter how convincing a scammer may sound, avoid sending money to anyone you haven’t met in real life. If you are asked for financial support in order to pay for visas, passport, air tickets, medical treatments, family member’s funeral, courier services and so on, simply refuse to do so. A scammer will use all sorts of tricks to get that money of you – they often emotionally manipulate and blackmail their victims. Don’t fall for that.

Let you family and friends know where you’re going

If you’re going to meet a woman in her home country, let your family and friends know where you’re going. This is a must whether a woman is a scammer or a genuine person.

These are only some thoughts on how to act when you suspect a woman on a Ukrainian dating site is a scammer. If you’re sure that Ukraine scammer photos are really photos of someone else, and there is a swindler tying to empty your pockets, don’t hesitate reporting this person. The good news, most Ukrainian ladies online are genuine, and you’ll meet lots of wonderful females to choose a potential life partner from.

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