Tips on dating beautiful Ukrainian ladies in Kiev

If you’re thinking of dating beautiful Ukrainian ladies in Kiev, there are certain things you should know in order to succeed. Dating culture in Ukraine, and especially in its capital, is a bit different from what you get used to in your home country. Some of them surely come as a surprise while other make perfect sense. In any case, it’s better to visit Ukraine well prepared in advance, even if you’ve spent some time dating Ukrainian girls online. It will give you a better understanding of things the Ukrainian ladies are looking for in relationships. Slavic women make devoted wives and excellent mothers, so if you want someone so accomplished by your side, make use of the tips on dating gorgeous Ukrainian girls in Kiev.

Girls in Ukraine for romantic relationships and marriage

You are expected to make the first move

Women in Ukraine are used to letting a man act like a leader in a romantic relationship. Even if it’s the women who is a more decisive and assertive partner in a couple, she’ll still expect a man to make decisions. So, they’ll expect you to act accordingly and show your strength and masculinity. You’ll be constantly evaluated as a man, and it depends on the moves you make whether you deserve a woman’s affection or not.

Honesty is the best policy

When you approach women in Kiev, they may ask you about the purpose of your visit to their country. No need to tell lies and come up with some amazing back-story. Just tell them the truth – you’ve come to Ukraine because you’d like to say goodbye to loneliness and find the woman of your dreams.

Women in Eastern Europe are rather conservative and family oriented, so if you let a girl know that your intentions go as far as starting a family with someone special, she’ll be pleased to hear that.

Don’t keep anyone’s hopes up

Avoid making promises to beautiful Ukrainian ladies unless you really mean what you say. With imbalanced male-to-female ratio in Eastern Europe, it’s hard for a girl to get boyfriend after the age of twenty or so. This is not to say that girls in Ukraine are desperate, but many of them do feel extremely uncomfortable if they remain single at the age of twenty five. So, we would suggest, don’t act like a boyfriend if you’re not going to become one.

Demonstrate your intelligence

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies are not only beautiful, but also very smart, sophisticated and well-read. And they definitely appreciate a man’s intellect. Don’t hesitate discussing art, architecture or literature when dating a girl in Kiev – she’ll be happy to have an intellectual conversation. Impress her on the first date by your knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian authors, especially Gogol, Bulgakov or Shevchenko. And it’s recommended to reread a story or two before you make a trip to Ukraine. Intellectual bonds are much stronger and more reliable than purely emotional ones.

Places for a perfect date in Kiev

There are plenty of interesting things to see and do when dating a girl in the Ukrainian capital. It’s so pleasant to enjoy the architectural masterpieces when walking along the streets and getting to know a person. Feel free to explore the local parks and botanical gardens, cathedrals and squares, local markets and eateries.

Ask the girl to take you to her favourite places and discuss what exactly she likes so much about them.

Kiev is one of the most fascinating and interesting European capitals, and you won’t regret spending time in this city. From domed cathedrals to avant-garde restaurants, there are so many places in Kiev to make your date truly special.

Dating a beautiful Ukrainian girl in Kiev

Where to date in day time

Kiev offers endless opportunities for pleasant dates during the day. You can invite one of the beautiful Ukrainian ladies to:

  • Walk along the streets. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Streets are so pretty in Kiev that it’s a pleasure to stroll with someone special by your side. Walk along Khreshchatyk or Andriyivskyy Descent in the Ukrainian capital, and you’ll see what we mean.
  • Visit a botanical garden. There is a huge botanical garden in Kiev with plenty of flowering plants, trees and floral arrangements. It’s a very romantic place that will add a special feel to your date.
  • Go to a museum. Visiting a museum with an intelligent and well educated girl is a real treat. Choose one of the numerous museums in Kiev and enjoy its artistic atmosphere.
  • Sample dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine in the cafes and restaurants. The local cuisine is known for nutritious soups, delicious second courses and heavenly deserts. IF you’ve never tasted borsch, golubtsi or varenyky, it’s a perfect opportunity to expand your culinary preferences. Don’t forget that men in Ukraine are expected to pay the bill. Splitting bills is not common, and if you ask a women to pay her share, most probably you’ll never see her again.

Where to date at night

Nightlife in Kiev is lively and diverse. If you’re a frequent nightclub visitor there is no lack of options in the Ukrainian capital. Nightclubs are perfect places to meet young and energetic Ukrainian girls who would dance with you all night through. Keep in mind though that the majority of women in Ukraine are not up to one night stand. Such things are frowned upon in Ukraine as women prefer to have a lasting and stable romantic relationship based upon mutual respect, care and love. Even if you end up in one bed after a wild night out, a woman would expect you to have more serious feelings or her than mere sexual attraction.

Gorgeous Ukrainian women for dating and in Kiev

Things you should know about dating culture in Ukraine

There are certain rules you need to follow while dating in Eastern Europe in general and Ukraine in particular:

  • You’re expected to be punctual when coming to meet a woman. She’s allowed to be a bit late.
  • Acknowledge the efforts she took to look pretty for you by paying her a compliment. Don’t go for generic phrases like “You look pretty” or “You are very beautiful”. She’s heard enough of that stuff in her life. Instead, go for something you find exclusive about her.
  • Bring her flowers. You don’t have to do it on every date, but one thing to remember about the beautiful Ukrainian ladies is that they really love flowers. Don’t give the even number of flowers and avoid yellow blooms as they are often considered a symbol of inevitable separation. For younger girls choose pink or white roses, snowdrops, narcissus, tulips or daisies. If you date a mature lady, you’ll never go wrong with roses. Feel free to choose rich, saturated colours.
  • Dress smartly. Appearance is extremely important for Ukrainian women. They take an excellent care of themselves, and will expect the same from you. Make sure to put on something neat and stylish. Overly casual outfits will not be appreciated. Of course, no one expects you to wear a tuxedo, but a white shirt, jeans or trousers, a jacket and classy shoes will do perfectly well.
  • Avoid certain topics. People in Ukraine don’t like to talk about politics or economy, so you should avoid these subjects no matter how curious you are. Life has been hard in Ukraine for too long, and lots of people have lost their hope for a better future.
  • Act like a gentleman. Beautiful Ukrainian ladies appreciate old-fashioned chivalry, so you’re expected to hold doors for them, help them get out of the bus or taxi, move chairs in the restaurants and so on.
  • No kisses after the first date. You shouldn’t expect getting physical after a few first dates. Ukrainian women don’t take physical intimacy lightly.

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These are only some of the tips to keep in mind when making a trip to Ukraine in order to woo a gorgeous woman in Kiev. Remember though that these are just tips and recommendations. There are no universal rules and readymade formulas to win the heart of a woman. Just listen to your inner voice and act accordingly.

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