Terms of use

Each user must get acquainted with the Terms of use before he starts studying the Materials presented on the Site.

The Terms, in short, are the basic rules and statements that should be followed and taken into account as a manifestation of respectful cooperation.

Knowing the Terms of use well guarantees the correct usage of the Site and avoiding any misunderstandings or violations.

Accordingly to the Terms, the present Site is a provider of information and the User is a receiver of this information. Together, they have interaction as a customer and a supplier.

The information, or the Materials, may consist of articles, photos, videos, and similar content. Due to the topics we specialize in, some of it is meant for adults only which isn’t marked in a special way.

In case you aren’t interested in this particular service, i.e. the Materials, or you don’t agree with any particular points of the Terms, you quit and stop using the Site.

From our side, we may ban the User for violations or restrict him from viewing particular pages or the whole Site.

  1. Updates and additions
    The User is aware that changes or updates of the Terms can be done at any moment, multiple times, without a prior informing. They can be fully removed or replaced as well.
    In order to notice these modifications in time and keep the track, it is necessary to check and re-read the Terms regularly under the User’s responsibility.
  2. Languages
    For everyone’s convenience, the Terms and the Materials of the Site may be translated to any language, manually or automatically. This feature helps to embrace a bigger audience and involve more users.
    In case this feature bothers you in any way or creates any discomfort, you can discard it and go on with the original version of the Site.
  3. Intellectual property
    The Materials of the site are divided into illustrative and original content. The illustrative content isn’t protected by copyright law and can be shared on other sources or taken from other sources.
    But the original content is totally covered and protected by the copyright law and this should be fully respected and followed.
    Therefore, it is forbidden to copy, share, distribute, save, print, sell, or misuse the Materials in another way without the Site permission as it will be interpreted as stealing. No exceptions can be made.
  4. Use of the site
    The User promises to treat the Site, the Materials, the administrators, and other users with all respect and consideration. No harm is allowed or encouraged.
    If the User considers himself a good author and/or expert in one of areas we enlighten, he can suggest his Materials or samples of them using the Contact us form. The private contacts of the User may accompany the Materials or not, but should be sent if requested by the Site administrators. The User guarantees that all information and Materials provided by him, are real, original, and safe. The Site guarantees the Materials or private contact will not be posted or shared without permission.
    The User also realizes and accepts there may be paid services among the free ones for using of which he will be charged. Once charged, the funds are irreversible.
  5. Authors and experts
    The Site administrators are committed to accept the Materials for publishing only from the proven experts and experienced authors.
    It is hardly advisable and preferable that they are certified or granted with the document that demonstrates their qualification in area of psychology of the relationships, sport, beauty, nutrition, journalistic and so on.
    However, the amateurs’ Materials may be accepted as well if the topic and overall quality of the text responds to our basic requirements and current needs.
  6. Explicit content
    The User is aware that the Site may contain, among the other Materials, also the ones which can be called frank or 18+ materials.
    The Site administrators guarantee none of such materials are harmful or violent. The children’s parents or vulnerable people’s relatives and friends should take preventive measures in order to help them avoid the explicit Materials of this Site.
    Such materials will not be replaced or removed on demand.
  7. Feedback
    The Site owners and administrators greatly welcome and encourage the User’s opinions and comments shared through the specially defined fields, by email, or by other means.
    These opinions and comments can be positive, negative, neutral, creative, or of any other character, but they shouldn’t contain direct demands or give direct orders regarding the posted Materials or daily activity of the Site.
    The User realizes that any kinds of advertisement, insult, racist/pornographic expressions or quotes aren’t exactly the Feedback and sending them as the feedback will be punished in such a form as banning or temporary limiting the User’s rights.
  8. Disclaimers and limitations
    The User is aware that he cannot dictate his wishes or rules to the administrators of the Site. His juridical role is consuming but not the co-owning or being a partner.
    In case the User is also the author of particular materials, he may demand modifying only these particular materials but not the whole content or other parts of the Site. Such demands should be expressed in a polite form and suggested much in advance before posting. These demands may be ignored if they are sent to the Site in weeks or months after publishing the User’s materials.
    The User fully realizes that the Site bears no responsibility for any force majeure events and situations that may appear out of our will or competence.