Privacy policy

The Privacy policy should be thoroughly studied along with the Terms of use.

It states and guarantees that User’s rights are covered and protected by the EULA and GDPR regulations.

It means that User’s technical and another data is collected for the Site needs and for services improvement but they will not be passed to the third persons or misused in another way.

This collecting and gathering doesn’t concern each and every page.
The User bears his own responsibility for passing, sending, sharing his personal contacts to the Site or to the third persons through the Site. These personal contacts include not only postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, but also logins, passwords, answers to secret questions, etc.

Children’s rights and data should be protected, first of all, by their parents or caretakers.

The parents or caretakers of the children, including teenagers, should contact the Site administrators in case of any revealed danger or other complications.