Pretty Ukrainian lady: How to impress her on the first date

There are no doubts that Ukrainian women become more and more popular every day because it seems like a new trend in the modern world. Every Western European man wants to date a pretty Ukrainian lady even if he does not know the exact reason for doing so.

However, if you seriously want to try your luck at doing so, you have to know a lot of things in advance because Ukrainian girls like when men know how to woo a woman. You need to be able to impress a lady you like, and it does not matter that you are a foreigner.

How to conquer a Ukrainian girl of your dream no problem

If you actually want to build serious relationships with a Ukrainian girl, you need to make a proper impression on the very first date because that is the moment when she decided whether she wants to keep dating you or not. You have to do your best in order not to scare her away because there are a lot of other men that want to conquer her as well.

Any pretty Ukrainian lady will be glad to spend some free time with a foreigner from a European country, but to spend time and keep dating are different things. If you want to make a Ukrainian girl your future wife, there are a lot of obstacles you need to overcome.

Down below you will find interesting and efficient tips on how to impress a Ukrainian woman on your first date. They will surely help you establish closer contact with your prospective Ukrainian bride, and it is only a matter of practice if you succeed in it or not.

Your pretty Ukrainian lady appreciates gentleman manners and behavior

This is the first thing where many foreign men lose their extra points when it comes to the first date with a Ukrainian girl. You should always keep in mind that your manners and behavior are your best partners when you approach a Ukrainian woman you like.

You should pay a lot of attention to these things because they are still alive in modern Ukraine. Local women are constantly looking for a man, who knows how to present himself in a proper way.

You will notice that your pretty Ukrainian lady gives you different hints if you are doing something wrong. You can actually make some mistakes just because you are a foreigner, but it is much better not to make them at all.

Any Ukrainian woman pay much attention to her own appearance, but you should not forget to do the same thing when you are going to your first date with a Ukrainian lady.

In addition, always remember about basic gentleman moves:

  • give her your hand when she needs to get off the bus;
  • take her heavy bags with groceries or clothes;
  • open the doors in front of her and let her go first;
  • try to listen to her more instead of talking yourself;
  • do not hesitate to tell her nice words.

All these things seem obvious and simple, but they actually work with Ukrainian women and many foreign men forget about them when they come to Ukraine in order to find a Ukrainian wife.

Be extremely straightforward with your pretty Ukrainian lady

The majority of foreign men actually think that they need a special strategy in order to pick up a Ukrainian girl when they want to do so. Nonetheless, your strongest point is being straightforward and confident.

Local Ukrainian men may not be the best males for Ukrainian women, but these men know how to please their women and how to make their girls love them. They just know that your confidence plays a huge role when you approach a Ukrainian woman and you should learn it as soon as possible.

The most efficient way to pick up a Ukrainian bride

The best thing is to tell about your intentions in honestly and without any doubts because it will surely help you conquer your pretty Ukrainian lady. You should not hesitate to show your feelings like a lot of Western European people do because Ukrainian people appreciate true emotions.

The key to successful dating a Ukrainian girl is to tell her that you actually want to start a family with her. If you think that it sounds too scary, it will only push you away from the woman of your dreams.

You will see if your Ukrainian woman has the same plans for you in the future because she is not likely to accept such an offer from a man she does not like at all. Your desire for creating a family should prevail anything else when you meet a Ukrainian girl you like.

Get yourself under control when you meet a Ukrainian girl for the first time

Of course, you will have a wild desire to hug or even kiss a Ukrainian lady when you see her on your first date. However, it will only show your bad manners because Ukrainian girls do not allow touching them before they actually want it.

You may hug your prospective Ukrainian bride, but you should ask for permission before doing so. If she thinks that you are a nice guy, she will certainly approve your idea even if it is your first date.

Even though Ukrainian women look so hot and beautiful, they do not actually think of themselves in such a way because they prefer to act cold and reserved, especially during the first date.

Your primary goal is to make her tell you something, not get her in bed at the end of the evening. If you want to establish serious relationships with a pretty Ukrainian lady, you should definitely slow down when it comes to touching, kissing, and stuff like that.

She will give you a sign that she is ready for things like that. Your task is to be an interesting person in her eyes. For example, it is better to spend some time speaking about the cultural differences of your countries than trying to tell her your dirty pick up lines because they will never work out with a serious Ukrainian woman.

Be ready to talk and listen during your first date with a Ukrainian girl

Not many male representatives know that Ukrainian women are quite talkative if you can make them feel relaxed and safe. They will gladly tell you everything connected with their home country, family, and friends.

That is the moment when you have to be the most attentive listener ever because she is sure that you listen to her carefully. She can easily ask you about something she has told you already, and you should prove to her that you know what she wants to hear.

Your behavior near a Ukrainian lady shows her everything that is hidden inside you. They are extremely good at reading men’s emotions and deep feelings. If you cannot actually listen to what she says, it is better to leave it because you will never be able to fake your true thoughts and emotions when you sit next to her.

However, any pretty Ukrainian lady will gladly listen to your stories, taking into consideration that you are a foreigner with a completely different culture, customs, and traditions. You just need to know how to present it together with yourself as a man.

You will see that your advantage of being a foreigner will make Ukrainian girls around you excited and surprised. Your task is to use this advantage because all eyes will be on you.

Your best character traits that will help you get your Ukrainian woman

Avoid topics connected with money when on the date with a Ukrainian bride

Your desire to show that you are financially stable is absolutely logical and clear, but Ukrainian people do not really appreciate it since many of them live in poverty. Nevertheless, modern Ukrainian girls earn enough in order to provide themselves with everything necessary.

Of course, they will never tell you that they have a lot of money and some kind of well-paid job because they do not want to boast about it. Therefore, you should support and respect such a custom, and it is better to forget about your job for some time.

You will be able to tell about your success in the job when the time comes because Ukrainian girls ask about it themselves when they want to create a family with a particular man, and that is the time to tell about then.

Advice: Try to speak about your family and close relatives instead of money and your well-paid job because you will start looking interesting as a person in your Ukrainian girl’s eyes. Try to impress her with your character traits and personal qualities, not with your money. If she wants to have a family with you, it is better to speak about your prospective family, and not about creating your business together.

Your pretty Ukrainian lady will appreciate that you respect local traditions even if you are rich enough to shout about it. It will help you earn her trust much sooner than you think.

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