Most popular family traditions in Ukraine

Each family has its own traditions. Family traditions – this is what passes in the family from one generation to another; this is what unites all members of the family, making their life joyful and interesting. You may ask why they are needed? Traditions bring the family together; make it a real fortress, where everyone feels confident and protected. Family traditions in Ukraine is not an exception.

For centuries, Ukrainians have gathered significant wealth and customs, enriching their culture and passing it carefully from generation to generation, have learned to understand nature, draw strength, beauty and health from its bosom; and all creativity should be directed towards strengthening the family and raising children. Throughout their complex history, Ukrainians had to preserve and defend their language, culture, traditions and customs. Thanks to this, they know so well that their ancestors bequeathed to them.

Ukrainians are strong and freedom loving, and at the same time have hospitality and goodwill. Unlike many nations of the world, a woman in Ukraine always knew her worth. Even in ancient times, a wife was equal to her husband. Ukrainians revered her as the keeper of the hearth, mother, and wife.

Pre-wedding and wedding old traditions

In the rites of matchmaking, the role of the bride is significant. It is rare when a girl could be forced to marry someone she does not like. With the approval of her parents, she could choose a future husband. The one she does not like received a watermelon or pumpkin. In order to avoid shame and not get a watermelon, before the match they found out in advance whether the girl liked the person or not. The houses where the girls on marriageable age lived were decorated for matchmakers, for example, painted flowers on shutters in bright shades.

After the matchmaking, there was a “look around.” This ceremony took place two weeks later. Parents of the bride and her married brothers and sisters with their wives and husbands went to visit the groom in order to assess his wealth. If everything was, as it should, a date of engagement was appointed.

Engagement took place in the bride’s house. With relatives, the couple announced the wedding date and exchanged simple, cheap rings. They will wear expensive rings at the wedding. After the engagement, it was impossible to change your mind. If, however, the couple quarrelled, the “victim” was paid compensation. These were the family traditions in Ukraine couple of decades ago.

The wedding ceremony began with dressing young. The wedding dress was not only to show the beauty and status of the girl, but also to protect her. Each detail of the outfit carried its meaning: from a shirt to a flower on a wreath.

A special tradition was covering the future bride’s head, which symbolized her transition to the community of married women. The bride was seating on a pillow on a bench, a wreath was removed, the braid was untied and twisted into two braids, which were laid around the head, and they wore a winding or a pinch on top. From this moment, the girl no longer had the right to go out to people with her head uncovered.

The following traditions of the young family were closely related to the construction of their own homes, the birth of children and their education.

Traditions at the birth of a child in a Ukrainian family

The greatest happiness is the birth of a child for every Ukrainian family. After all, every newborn child is a symbol of the continuation of life. Since ancient times, the appearance of a baby in a Ukrainian family was accompanied by certain family traditions, to which Ukrainian land is so generous. Throughout this time, until the birth of the baby, a woman followed prenatal folk rites, family traditions in Ukraine and customs so that her baby was born healthy and happy.

So, a pregnant woman was forbidden to eat certain foods, to look at some animals, cripples, blind and other sick people. So that the negative actions and shortcomings of the people around do not pass on to the woman in labor, the woman is protected from nervous shocks, fear, quarrels. The woman herself, as a rule, hid her pregnancy for as long as possible so that no one would jinx her and her unborn child, and that the birth was not difficult. According to popular beliefs, a pregnant woman should not quarrel, be angry, support gossip, and engage in theft, because all these features could be transmitted to the child.

Every woman dreams about big family

Traditions in children’s education

Family traditions in Ukraine teach children to feel and understand the beauty of work. According to an ancient custom, parents tried to inherit their children knowledge and experience in the manufacture of objects of applied art, and this nurtured in young people not only respect for work, but also a craving for beauty. Even the participation of children in growing flowers, vegetables, planting trees causes them emotional feelings, contributes to mental development, aesthetic and labor education.

Transition to modern traditions

Family traditions in Ukraine are an integral attribute of family happiness and prosperity. Perhaps it is a habit to sleep on Sundays before lunch, or go on a picnic on weekends, watching a movie at home or hiking in the mountains once per month.

When a new family is created, it often happens that your ideas about traditions may not coincide. For example, in the groom’s family, all holidays are celebrated in the circle of numerous relatives, the bride met these events only with mom and dad, and some dates were not celebrated at all in a big way. In this case, a conflict may arise. What to do? The advice is simple – only a compromise. Discuss the problem and find the most suitable solution for everyone. Come up with a new tradition – already common.

New Year and Christmas celebration

New Year and Christmas is one of the family traditions in Ukraine. It is customary to celebrate this holiday with the family, decorate the Christmas tree together, light it, make wishes under the chiming clock, unpack gifts, and have fun.

Ukrainians tend to celebrate holidays with families

Easter traditions

Easter is the main Orthodox holiday in Ukraine. It is among family traditions in Ukraine to go together to church. On this day, the souls of believers are overwhelmed with bright joy, nature also contributes to this, which has cast off the shackles of winter sleep and, in harmony with universal joy, meets the resurrection of Christ. It is not customary to sleep on Easter night; in the evening all the families go to church for all-night service. In beautiful baskets, they carry a variety of foods for consecration, and when they return, they begin to talk. Whatever the culinary variety on the table, you need to start the holiday dinner with Easter bread Paska.

An evening walk

Some families have the opportunity to take a quiet walk before bedtime, to get out of the head all the problems that have accumulated during the day, and prepare for a night’s rest. This very healthy habit needs to be raised from childhood. Comfortable clothes and shoes, five minutes for training – and you are already having a leisurely conversation in the fresh air.

Evening out

Couples arrange it once a week or once a month. It does not even matter what exactly you will do, the main thing is that after a hard working week you will be charged with positive and give your warmth to each other.

Vacation trips

It is already becoming a good tradition that Ukrainian families annually go to the sea or to the mountains, in a word – to rest. A great occasion to spend time together, go on excursions, sunbathe, and share the history of those places where it happens.

Ukrainians love family vacations

In order to create healthy family traditions in Ukraine, it is needed only two things: your desire and the fundamental consent of the household.

  • It’s worth coming up with the tradition itself. Family traditions in Ukraine are truly appreciated, thus the maximum, try to involve all family members in order to create a friendly, united atmosphere.
  • Take the first step. Try your “action”. It is very important to saturate him with positive emotions – then everyone will look forward to the next time.
  • Be moderate in your desires. You should not immediately introduce many different traditions for every day of the week.
  • Build on tradition. It is necessary to repeat it several times so that it is remembered and began to be strictly observed.