Most common Ukrainian women names and their meanings

If you’ve joined an international dating site, the chances are you’ve come upon lots of beautiful Ukrainian women names that sound quite unusual and exotic to you. Knowing more about names in Ukraine will give you a better understanding of the local culture. And the better you know the culture, the less clashes you can expect when being in a romantic relationship with a gorgeous Ukrainian woman.

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Where do the Ukrainian names take their origin?

You may noticed that some names on a dating site sound very unusual, while others are more like altered versions of common European names. This is due to the twists and turns of history in the Eastern European regions. Name-giving traditions were pretty much the same in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Slovenia and other Slavic nations in ancient times. What we know as Ukraine or Bulgaria now used to be a part of many empires and alliances. The history of each Eastern European country is tightly intertwined with the events in the neighbouring nations.

Slavic name-giving traditions

According to the Slavic name-giving traditions, in ancient times kids were often named after supernatural forces and representatives of the local flora and fauna. People believed in totemic power of names. If you’re named after a wolf or a bear, lightning or thunder, you’ll be protected by these animals and natural phenomenon. It was not uncommon to give babies names inspired by a particular character trait. Certain features of appearance could also spark ideas when naming a child. Some of the most common Ukrainian women names of that time include Ludmila (loved by people), Svetlana (bright one), Zlata (golden one), Bogdana (given by God).

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Very often people used to give a child two names – one real one and one fake one as a protection against evil eye. Some of the most beautiful names given to baby girls were inspired by the Slavic goddesses – Lada, Vesna.

Christian influence

With the advent of Christianity lots of pagan Slavic names became less and less popular. People started giving their children ancient Greek and Latin names, often based upon recommendations of a priest in a local church.

Soviet limitations

During the seventy years of soviet rule people’s choices were narrowed down to a couple of dozens of common names for girls. Opting for something else used to be considered strange and inappropriate. These days people go for all sorts of beautiful Ukrainian women names, including the ancient Slavic ones.

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The most popular Ukrainian names for girls

If you’re a frequent visitor of free Ukrainian dating sites, the chances are you’ve come upon all the popular Ukrainian names for girls. Some of them include:


This name is exceedingly popular in all the Eastern European countries. These days parents don’t go for this name as often as they used to do it, but it’s highly unlikely “Tatiana” will be forgotten anytime soon. There are lots of Tatianas among 30-40 year old women in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and most of them are very proud of their name. It means “mistress”, and they say women who have this name are especially smart, beautiful and lively. But aren’t all the Ukrainian girls like that? There are many short forms of this name, including the most popular Tanya and Tanechka.


This is one of those western names that were heavily changed to suit the local linguistic norms. In other names it’s known as Kseniya, but in Ukraine the most popular variant is Oksana. It’s one of the most beautiful Ukrainian women names. You can disagree that it sound much more pleasing to the ear – after all, Ukrainian is the second most melodious language in the world (Italian is the first one, in case you’re curious). The names has a Greek origin and means “hospitable”. They say Oxanas are supposed to be kind-hearted and open-minded. They are also energetic and ambitious, so it’s never boring with them – they try to live their lives to the fullest. If you feel this sounds like someone you could share your life with, do try your luck – there are lots of Oxanas on international dating sites!


A few hundred years ago this name was not widely known in Russia and Ukraine, but in the 19th century it quickly gained its popularity. Everyone knows the poem “Keterina” by famous Ukrainian author Taras Shevchenko – it tells you a story of a village girl who was seduced by a soldier and thrown from the house pregnant by her parents. These days this name is still popular, especially it’s short form Katya. Just like many other names in Ukraine, this one has a Greek origin and translates as “pure”, or “innocent”. Katerians are believed to be intelligent, stylish and dignified. So, if you’d like to have a classy lady by your side, take a closer look at Katerinas when browsing through women’s profiles on a dating site.

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Anna is one of the most popular names worldwide, and Ukraine is no exception. It’s one of those names that quickly spread across Europe with the advent of Christianity. It takes its origin in Hebrew language and translates as “graceful”. In Ukraine Anna has been transformed into Ganna, but in many cases women prefer to stick to the original form. There are lots of informal versions of this name, including Anya, Anyuta, Anechka, Anyutka. Many Annas across Ukraine have proven to be physically attractive, elegant, purposeful and hardworking. You’ll be amazed how many positive character traits a single human being can possess if you start a romantic relationship with Anna from Ukraine!


The meaning of this name is “brought to life” from ancient Greek, and if you observe Anastasias from Ukraine, you’ll be amazed by how much vital strength and energy they possess. They are also optimistic, cheerful and good-natured. This names is widely spread across the whole Eastern European region – there are lots of Anastasias of all ages in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The short form of this name is Nastya, or Nastenka.


Sincere, kind, bright and sweet Yulia from Ukraine is a type of girl that is sure to steal a man’s heart away. Yulia’s western equivalent is Julia. The name means “July” and takes its origin from Latin languages.

Present day popular names

These days, people in Ukraine try their best to be original when giving names to their babies. They go not only for traditional Slavic, Greek and Latin names, but also for Arabic and Asian. Besides this, name-giving traditions are still heavily influenced by the western Catholic culture. It’s not uncommon to meet a girl in Ukraine called Olivia, Amalie, Carolina, Daniela, Michaela and so on. When Ukraine got its independence people turned back to authentic cultural traditions. Ancient Slavic names have become trendy and popular once again. There are lots of girls named Zoryana, Bogdana, or Milana these days. Also, it’s not uncommon to name girls after heroines of popular books, movies and series.

When writing to a pretty Ukrainian lady  on an international dating site, make sure to acknowledge her name by paying a compliment to how beautiful it sounds and how well it suits her. Ask her about the origin of her name and why her parents thought it was the most suitable name for their daughter when you were born. Perhaps there is an interesting story to be told. Make sure to address her by her name as often as possible. Don’t make a mistake of calling her someone else’s name – if this happens, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be forgiven.

All in all, Ukrainian women names are very diverse these days. If you particularly like one of the names mentioned above, try to make a search on your dating sites. Who knows where it may bring you!

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