Meet Ukrainian women in Odessa

Odessa is known as a “pearl near the sea”, and this is for good reason. This city in the southern part of Ukraine boasts a unique atmosphere and laidback attitude. Odessa also attracts numerous visitors with its breathtaking seascapes, exciting vies and beautiful nature. Architecture enthusiasts will find a lot of things to admire in this city, too. And if you’re interested in finding a life partner in Eastern Europe, Odessa is a perfect place to meet Ukrainian women.

There are lots of beautiful girls all of Ukraine, but in Odessa they seem to be particularly attractive. Perhaps the reason behind this is the proximity of beaches – a girl has to keep in shape if she spends the whole summer in bikini, crop tops and shorts. One more thing that makes the “pearl near the sea” unique is an unmatched sense of humour the local population possesses. So if you’d like to have an attractive, slim and cheerful woman beside you, head to Odessa straight away!

Meet beautiful and smart Ukrainian women in Odessa

Places to meet Ukrainian women in Odessa in day time

Just like in any city in Ukraine, you can go virtually anywhere in Odessa to find a lot of gorgeous females around. Walk along the streets, take a local bus, or order a cup of coffee in one of the outdoor cafes, and you’ll see what we mean. Women in Odessa are stylish and well-groomed, slim and fit. Not only young girls, but also mature ladies will make your jaw drop. They are always smartly dressed, their hair is perfectly styles, and their flawless makeup accentuates the beauty of their faces.

Their astounding appearance is what attracts foreign men from all over the world. Western men flock to Odessa hoping to meet Ukrainian women to share their lives with. However, the local ladies are not only pretty, but also intelligent, well-read and brilliantly educated. They are interesting to talk to and spend quality time with. There are several places in Odessa where you’d particularly enjoy the company of these girls:


When it comes to the beach scene, Odessa has plenty of options to offer. Here are a couple of beaches you may like:

  • Lanzheron beach. This beach is known for its relaxedatmosphere and good infrastructure. Lots of locals prefer spending time at Lanzheron, sun tanning and bathing in the sea during hot summer days. Groups of girls are not uncommon here, so you can easily join them and start a friendly conversation.
  • Arcadia beach. This is a high profile beach with lots of luxury accommodation options close by. In day time it’s a lovely place for lazing around, sun tanning and enjoying water activities, and by night time it turns into a lively party hub. Lots of foreigners prefer staying close to this beach as it offers everything one can wish for – the sun, the sea, nightclubs, restaurants and beautiful women to keep you company.

Shopping centres

Ukrainian women love shopping. Even if their financial situation leaves much to be desired, they still manage to grab a good deal. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are always plenty of girls in the local malls. Some of the best shopping centres in Odessa include Europa Mall, Riviera Shopping City and City Center. You’ll meet Ukrainian women of all ages in any of these malls. The added advantage of visiting a shopping centre is an excellent food court where you can taste dishes of the local cuisine.

Beautiful women in Odessa to date and marry

Parks and Gardens

There are several parks and gardens in Odessa which are perfectly suitable for romantic walks hand-n-hand and thoughtful conversations. Walk along the beautiful alleys, admire the abundance of flowering plants and enjoy the company of a beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian woman.

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Where to meet stunning girls by night

Like in any city near the sea, nightlife is exceptionally vibrant in Odessa. There are plenty of nightclubs where you can see the most gorgeous females dancing their nights out. This is a perfect opportunity to meet Ukrainian women who love going out and socializing. You’ll be surprised to discover that the local men are not that much into dancing: they prefer to drink their beer or vodka at the bar area watching the girls dancing.

 If you decide to dance, there will be plenty of unattached women to invite. Local girls are excellent dancers, so make sure you know at least some basic steps and moves.

Beach parties are especially popular in summer, but they may differ from your idea of a usual party at the beach. Girls wear high heels and their best outfits, and you can easily make out they spend at least a couple of hours styling their hair, putting make up and selecting accessories to match their dresses.

Some of the nightclubs in Odessa you may like to check out include Ibiza, Itaka, Palladium, Hambrinus, Granat and Shkaff .

Also, use social media channels to monitor interesting events in the local clubs and ask locals for advice.

Ukrainian women in Odessa searching for husband abroad

Useful dating tips

After you meet Ukrainian women, perhaps you’d like to invite one of them for a date. There are certain dating rules in Ukraine you should be aware of. Here are some of them:

  • Don’t be late. You’re not supposed to make a woman wait, whereas for her it’s acceptable to come 10-15 minutes later. This is something to remember when dating hot Ukrainian girls.
  • Pay her compliments. In all probability, she took trouble to look exceptionally beautiful for you, so make sure you acknowledge her efforts by paying a compliment. Don’t say anything vague though, she’s heard plenty of “you’re so pretty” praises in her life. Try to come up with something more specific and original.
  • Don’t ask her to make a choice of places to go. Even though she’s a local in the city, it’s up to you to pick the best place for your date. A man is supposed to take the lead in a romantic relationship, according the Ukrainian dating etiquette. Some of the best places for the first date include Fratelli Ristorante & Enoteca, Balagan Bar, Bernardazzi, Central Bar and Tavernetta.
  • Avid “heavy” topics. Keep the conversation light and cheerful, joke a lot and laugh at your joke. Of course, we assume here that you speak some Russian or her level of English is sufficient to converse. You can also hire a professional interpreter. This option is not for everyone, gut at least you’ll get to know the women you asked out.
  • After the date, reach her home or pay for her taxi. You have to make sure she reached her home safely late at night.

Should you bring flowers?

Ukrainian women adore flowers, and they expect a man to give them beautiful bouquets at the initial stages of a romantic relationship (and not only).

Don’t go for a large and showy arrangement – it will be a nuisance to carry it all evening long. Something light and compact is a better option.

Think of pansies, daisies, snowdrops, tulips or narcissus. Roses are acceptable, too. Avoid yellow flowers as they’re often perceived as a symbol of separation. Also, bring an odd number of flowers – it’s important.

Dress smartly

Dress to impress – this is what a Ukrainian woman expects form you when you take her for a date. She takes a very good care of her appearance, and she wouldn’t be happy to see a man in shabby clothes and with untidy hair by her side. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to go for a formal suit, but a stylish shirt with a pair of jeans and quality shoes will do perfectly well. Dressing smartly is a sure way to impress a Ukrainian lady on the first date.

Pay the bill

You’re expected to pay the bill. Splitting bills is not common in Ukraine. In any case, it would be unreasonable to expect a woman to pay her share as her wages are negligible compared to yours. The economic situation in Ukraine has been difficult for many decades, and salaries of the majority of people leave much to be desired.

In any case, you won’t regret visiting Odessa. Not only it’s a wonderful place to met Ukrainian women, but it’s also a charming city to explore.

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