Is it possible to find Ukrainian girlfriend without knowing Ukrainian?

While trying to find a Russian woman for a date, people ask one legitimate question. The question is: ‘can you date Russians and not learn their language for that?’ 

As for Russia, a country that has nothing to do with an English-speaking World, the answer would be ‘yes, but not in all cases’, and it’s a reasonable response.

But what about Ukraine? The country is pretty similar to its neighbor to the East, true. But it is also a bit closer to the West. There surely must be some difference in the linguistic maps of the two. Ukrainian isn’t really a prestigious language, nor is it easy. If people here don’t speak any other language, how are you to find Ukrainian girlfriend here?

What even is the Ukrainian language


Ukrainian isn’t a dialect of Russian, nor is it completely alien to the branch. The two languages are in fact very close. If not for several historical reasons, one could say that they really are dialects. They, although, had to part ways a few times. 

As a consequence, only 62% of the words in the two languages are the same. Polish, for instance, shares as much as 70% of its words with the Ukrainian, and the Serbian reaches total of 68%.

On the inside

On the inside, however, the couple is quite identical. They have the same norms, rules and the way they use words to express certain feelings or explain certain situations is quite similar. 

Russians and Ukrainians don’t understand every word in each other’s native speech, but they do understand the context, the situation and most of those words. It’s a bit different than the conversation between a man with a Scottish accent and a man with, for instance, a Cockney. These two wouldn’t understand each other with ease because of the pronunciation and the indigenous slang they use, but that’s it. 

The Ukrainian and the Russian, on the other hand, are two separate languages with their own grammar, literature and so forth. 

How popular is Ukrainian anyway?

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Ukrainian isn’t really the only mundane language in the country. You have probably already guessed it — the other one Russian. About 99% of people in Ukraine know and understand Russian. It’s especially true for people in the Eastern provinces, where Ukrainian isn’t even a mother tongue for lots of people.

So, you can learn Russian and talk to people in both Ukraine and Russia (and more countries, some even outside the former USSR). What use is that if there’s no time or energy for studying a language, especially if you’d only use it to find Ukrainian girlfriend for some reason.

Well, if you don’t want to learn Russia in any quality, there must be a ruse. 

How widespread is English?

Surprisingly, Ukrainians don’t know English better than the guys further to the East. Even more so, research says they are among the worse speakers in Europe. 

As a result, you won’t have any luck trying to find Ukrainian girlfriend who speaks English in smaller cities. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to travel to smaller cities and towns anyhow. The bigger ones, like Kiev, Dnepr, Lvov and Odessa are all you need. 


The capital, Kiev, is especially convenient for dating, as, like most capitals in the world, the central districts here are quite lenient towards the Speakers. It’s the place where people who deal with international contacts and sightseeing business live and work. The center is also the most interesting place in the city entertainment-wise.

That’s where you can hang out and have a higher chance to meet an English-speaking Ukrainian woman in one of the cafes here. 

That’s also where the risk of being a subject of crime is the lowest in the city. Police and city government don’t want you, a foreigner, to leave on a bad note and tell everyone how badly you were treated.

Consequently, feel certain you won’t be scammed here. Tourists are viewed by scammers as an easy and valuable target. The scheme is usually to spend a night with one and rob him (or possibly worse). 

Still, be aware and don’t lose your cool. Ukraine isn’t exactly the nicest destination for a tourist in Europe. It’s not bad, but you can still get into trouble.

Other cities

In case of other big agglomerations, women who speak good English aren’t as scarce as in the countryside, but it’s still a challenge. Lucky for you, most of the young ladies in the age of 18 to 24 speak at least some English. So, you’ll not be left without response at all. 

Hang out with the local youth long enough and you’ll probably find one girl who speaks decent English. But that’s not the only option you have.

Nobody needs a hollow relationship, you need a girlfriend that matches your set of interests, one who understands you. Plus, of course, she needs to speak English. That sounds like the highest standards possible, but what’s convenient about dating websites is that they can help you find Ukrainian girlfriend who both speaks English and has the same hobbies without wasting much time.

Online dating

Dating online successfully, however, demands some time and practice (or very good theory). It’s a bit risky, too. That’s why you need to be careful. If you suspect your partner may be a fake or a scam, try this:

  1. Ask her to move to another website, preferably a social network, like Facebook. Ukrainians, for example, use VK a lot (that’s a popular Russian social platform). Download it beforehand and ask to move there. It’s much easier to figure out a fake or a scam in one of these websites;
  2. Ask her to exchange fresh photos. You’ll understand if they’re fresh — no fake account can provide you with fake pictures for a long time;
  3. Talk to her a lot, that’ll give you a boost if she’s real or provoke if she’s fake. And don’t rush to meet her, tell her you’re not in the same area as her or that you’re still on the move to her location. Scammers don’t really like to waste so much of their time.

And remember: don’t show off whatever wealth you have. Even if your welfare isn’t that big, it’ll surely grow an unwanted or insincere interest towards you. Trust this: you want your Ukrainian gal to like you no matter how rich you are. They always assume you are rich, true. But that’s just a perk of being a foreigner.

Image of lady on computer

Dating people on the websites, specifically designed for this purpose, is a bit easier, as it doesn’t consume nearly as much time as any other type of online or offline dating. Network-dating, on the other hand, gives you more opportunity to share your interests and dig deeper into your partner’s personality. 

That’s why online dating is so convenient for people who want to find Ukrainian girlfriend or a girlfriend from any other country that barely speaks English.

Ukrainian minorities worldwide

Ukrainian minorities are a well-known topic, but since it relates to the subject — it’s worth mentioning as well. 

Ukrainians have been moving all over the World for more than a hundred years now. Some people who claim to be Ukrainians have already assimilated into whatever culture gave them home. But this is a proud people, hence most don’t want to discard their language and customs even for the people who welcomed them. 

Nevertheless, most of them speak the local language quite fluently. That’s exactly what you seek since two of the largest Ukrainian Diasporas live in English-speaking countries. Namely:

— Canada with 1.2 million Ukrainian immigrants;

 The United States with 1 million in total

Since traveling to, for instance, Toronto, is a bit more comfortable than going to Ukraine (no offense, Ukraine), that may be exactly what you need. Especially if you live in North America. If not, there are also places with smaller groups of Ukrainians, like Germany, Brazil, Russia, and Poland.

In conclusion

Overall, it’s quite possible to find Ukrainian girlfriend in Ukraine and other places without even learning Ukrainian. It’s pretty easy, provided you know Russian on a decent level. If not, that’s certainly a complication, as Ukraine isn’t exactly benevolent towards the English language, even though they really adore Western cultures.

But in case you, as of yet, need more practical advice about dating Ukrainian ladies — you may check out this guide or the video below for future brain food:

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