How you are affected by the behavior of others, and how to become loved

Not for nothing they say that the life of a cool feeling. But what to do if you feel that your husband does not love you as much as before? No need to hurry and file for divorce. You can try to return the love of her husband. And we will help you with this.

Our ancestors were quite serious about the process of marriage or the creation of a family, they had a clear distinction between family Union and marriage. Those young girls were taught the intricacies of family life was called a “vest”, and all put the science they have been taught adult women, be sure to have a positive experience of family life, in the end, their wedding ended with family creation. Girls who were not trained or for some reason did not complete such courses were called “Brides”, and their Union with the beloved was called marriage.

Actually to this day, despite the increasing emancipation and actively promoted feminism, family and marital relations are a priority for most of the female component. How do you still become desirable, beloved, necessary and how to successfully implement in a long-term relationship with a loved man?

The question is extremely confusing, but, nevertheless, still interesting, exciting many women’s hearts. Actually, there are countless tips on this topic. In order to more thoroughly understand the essence of the problem, it is necessary to follow the path of least resistance, and to analyze the main male claims against lovely ladies, avoiding which, any woman or girl will be quite capable of becoming the one and only.

Well, let’s combine all the available information into 5 groups, thus we will analyze each stage as much as possible.

Many husbands in the appearance of the annoying spouses unkempt appearance, the old Bathrobe, curlers on the head and a neat manicure know everything. This item is the undisputed leader in male irritation. Therefore, taking care of yourself and your appearance is the main argument and way to fight for the conquest of the male heart. Regardless of whether you ring this man or have far-reaching plans for him, be neat and literally radiant. Keep your clothes, hair, skin, and most importantly your thoughts clean. Men are mostly visuals and perceive everything by eye and smell, so arousing admiration and interest in yourself, you are one step closer to the desired male admiration.

The second common insult coming from men’s mouths, is a female talkativeness and inattention. Of course, the woman is arranged in such a way that a long silence negatively affects the General tone, but nevertheless learns to listen to her chosen one will have to, if you seriously consider his candidacy for a marriage Union. It is not necessary to be silent at a meeting with him and persistently to be silent as if you have collected water in a mouth, but to be able to conduct dialogue, to listen and hear the partner, to direct dialogue in an interesting key — a unique gift of the wisest and happy women.

Sexual relations are in the middle of our rating of male complaints. There is no absolute advice or recommendations, then he and sex to keep a secret between two people. But it is under the cover of secrecy and the basic laws of relations, laid a strong Foundation for a happy family. Dirt, meanness, lies and treason are naturally not allowed in a relationship, let alone in the bedroom and even more so. Be Stay open, feel your partner, trust him, a big step in the construction of love. And it can be done only together and with mutual support.

Kitchen. Oh, how much sense is inherent in this word, so it does not make any sense to paint it. Learn how to cook, fill your home with magical flavors, excite the imagination of your lover from the porch of the house, have a special dish in stock, and it will be a great step towards the conquest and conquest of men. Sometimes played out and during a satisfied appetite, will help to achieve this goal in record time.

Joint leisure can become that stumbling block about which many couples stumble. If you sincerely can not find a common leisure, it will be much more effective to allow to have your hobby separately. Believe me, it is much nicer and more honest to discuss beading and boast of their needlework than to pretend to be a zealous fan of football, not missing a single match. You know, to play such a role you will quickly get bored, and later recognition in the invented theatrics, will only alienate your man from you. Be sincere, honest and truthful, and it will be your trump card in the fight for attention and a man’s heart, which won once, will be able to save for life.

Do not attempt to glue the cup

Before you begin to talk about how to return her husband, it should be clarified that the family should not always be saved. If the relationship has long exhausted itself and save by and large nothing, it is better to give up this idea. The crack from the glued Cup will always remind you of yourself and amuse yourself with illusions of a cloudless future is not worth it.

A large number of women mistakenly seek to keep their husband by all means, hiding behind the fact that children need a father. However, children often benefit more from divorce than from the atmosphere of constant scandals and quarrels. Even a small child can feel the tension in the family. This leads to the conclusion that sometimes it is more reasonable for a child to stay with his mother, and to see his father at mutual desire, say, on the weekend.

Refresh feelings

If the husband is not gone to another, but you already feel a noticeable cooling in your relationship, you can save the family. This situation happens all the time – especially when children, growing up, leave their father’s house, and parents are left alone. You can regain your former happiness by trying to refresh your feelings with new impressions. In the role of a healing balm can act as a joint trip to the resort or holiday home. Try to forget about the problems and break away “to the fullest”, as if you are 18 and you have the whole life ahead.

Do not humiliate

If you have become a passive side of the love triangle and your husband is comforted in the arms of another, do not rush to throw scandals and call him the last words. You have to try to get your husband back into the family without losing your dignity. Any other attempt is doomed to failure.

Determine the purpose

Before you start to take her husband from the threshold of the opponent, decide why you need it. The reason may be love for her husband, and maybe – and the desire to take revenge on him at once, and then continue to take revenge for the rest of his life. In the first case, you can try to fix something, and in the second, it is better to immediately abandon this stupid idea, where in the end you risk being a laughingstock.

Do not press on the husband

Even if your faithful began to realize his mistake, went to the contact and even slightly hints at the possibility of returning to the family, in any case, do not rush it. No need to try to speed up the process with hundreds of calls and repeated question “when already?”. Reaction to your pressure can easily become a man’s hostility to you.

Wait even if you think that you can’t

Do not try to impose her husband’s opinion. Until he thinks, to return to you or not, silently, breath. Do not look for a meeting with her husband, do not try to call him. Believe me – it will be better. Instead, spend this time on yourself, your favorite: change the image, buy fashionable new clothes, visit a beauty salon.

Look for the positive emotions

To distract yourself from thinking about your husband, look for the positive around you. Do not sit at home: go to the movies, to the theater, meet with friends, relax in nature… So you not only recharge your good impressions and gain strength, but also meet the prodigal husband noticeably prettier and fresher.

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