How to tell your hookup you want more, and to bring it to the next level

100 Hookups can be the way to pick your potential soul mate easier. We fall in love when our physical and emotional needs are completely satisfied, and casual partners are simply the best in that.

So how to let a person know you’re ready to go up to the next level? Adult dating experts are advising the inexperienced folks in order to learn the best strategies and top psychological tricks.

  • Learn if they are potentially ready to upgrade. Do they have special criterions? Or maybe they’re disappointed in serious relationships at all? Test the waters first.
  • See their reaction on romance. Try anything from the flowers to heart-shaped candles, and watch the response. If it’s a taboo for them, leave the attempts for some time.
  • Start complimenting during sex. Usually, hookups are emotionally detached. Observe what happens if you create this emotional link by telling they are the best in a bed.
  • The power of common memories. Even the playboys and playgirls love getting sentimental from time to time. Catch the right moment and explore their real thoughts.

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