How to determine the sympathy through kilometers: love men at a distance

One of the phenomena of modern life, to which we have long been accustomed – distance Dating. Many people find each other and arrange their personal lives thanks to the Internet. However, even if in a virtual acquaintance you really liked the guy, it does not mean that he really fall in love with a girl. In this article, we will discuss what steps can be taken to make a man in love at a distance become a close person.

Be special

First of all, it should be understood that if the acquaintance with the guy took place through social networks or a Dating site, then you are not the only one with whom he supports communication. And it means that it is necessary to make considerable efforts to look special against a large number of other girls. Try to be interesting and not boring in conversation, do not use hackneyed clichés and monosyllabic answers.

Be honest

Life shows that often a small lie can be the cause of serious grievances and grievances. This can be, for example, an edited photo on the site (or even not yours). After all, on a personal date, everything will become clear, and you will be exposed not in the best light.

Don’t prove yourself right in conversations on topics you’re not competent in, don’t pretend to be a Professor. At home, sitting at the computer, you can Google and find answers to any questions to intelligently maintain a conversation. And you’ll end up on a personal date with a face full of dirt. However, even talking with a man in love at a distance, do not hesitate to say if something does not agree with him. Excessive stubbornness in defending their opinion and also to develop do not need.

Do not focus on minor points. And do not play another woman, whose image does not correspond to you this. A man should show a sincere interest in such a person, what you really are.

Be interested

You will be able to please a man, if he will see from your side sincere attention. Be interested in his Affairs, remember what he told you, and later talk about this topic, ask again how things are going. Such care on your part, a man in love at a distance is sure to appreciate. And if you met recently, do not immediately dump your problems on the guy, leaving him only the opportunity to listen.

Any man in the communion of pleasant ease, a good attitude and humor. Show these qualities in conversation. Be optimistic, cheerful, show understanding and activity, be able to joke and laugh.

Let yourself be weak

At all times, there was a rule that says that a woman’s strength is in weakness. Men avoid too assertive and strong women. Without any hesitation, ask for help, consult. Let a man in love at a distance feel his importance, strength, ability to protect and even save.

Don’t forget to say thank you. A man will only feel his importance when he sees that his efforts are appreciated. Find the wisdom to ask for help, praise, make it clear that it is necessary and without it a woman can not do.

Be a lady

Do not forget that if you are a lady, then your companion is a gentleman. He will only have to maintain this image. Do not allow vulgarity in their behavior (vulgar topics and photos, profanity). Do not forget that one day you happen to meet in reality, and the man will behave accordingly to the image that has developed in his virtual communication. A man in love at a distance maintains the tone of communication set by a woman.

Understand for yourself why you communicate with a particular person. Most likely you know perfectly well how to really like a man and fall in love with him, but do not abuse this opportunity if you are not going to build a serious relationship. Men, along with the ladies, expect a serious acquaintance and a long romance. So be careful and delicate. If there is no mutual understanding, something not suits – stop, and neatly, not hurting no one’s feelings, stop communication.

Virtual Dating should not grow into too long a novel, because in everyday life a man may not be the person for whom he posed as on the Internet. Therefore, it is best that the real date took place as soon as possible, even a few days after the meeting.

A man in love at a distance, be sure to want to meet as soon as possible. In the case where a person is in no hurry to offer a date, be careful.

Perhaps it is better not to communicate for a long time with a person who initially does not show interest. And look at what is happening with enough humor and irony. Often it is better to let the process take its course, do not try to control too much, and everything will resolve itself and fall into place.

The influence of a woman on a man

Does a woman influence a man with her energy? Definitely, Yes! To achieve such energy, a woman must be in complete inner balance. In this case, it will be useful to her husband in all his activities.

The inability of a woman to distribute her energy in the right way leads to the fact that a man clearly feels her lack, and may well go in search of another mastermind. Therefore, when you become angry or upset, remember that you deprive your man of a very important inner strength. The couple is able to find happiness and success only if well-built relationships.

What does the inability of a woman to influence a man with her energy lead to? The representative of the stronger sex makes the wrong steps at work, in a pair of increasingly disagreements and conflicts. As a rule, the woman herself is also unhappy if she does not give her chosen one the necessary resources.

You want a decent man? Then remember this phrase: “you’re a smart man.”

Every man thinks he’s smart. But many girls think that if you do such compliments to men, he will relax, he will sit on his neck. Just try. In any situation, you can try it. The man talks a lot. What does he want to hear? He wants to hear how smart he is. Mom didn’t tell him.

How did most mothers raise their sons? “You’re bad, you’re doing it wrong, you’re doing it wrong.” And she thinks I’m gonna criticize him, and he’s gonna get better. And you, too, look at your mother, grow up and think that you need a husband, a man on a date to criticize, and then he will have a desire to become better.

How does the female energy on the man

How does a woman influence a man with her energy? Even in the ancient Scriptures, a woman seemed to be a very powerful influential person. In order to achieve balance, she needs to work on his body, mental state and inner harmony.

If in the distant past, a woman was supposed to look weak in the eyes of others, in the present world she prefers to take on most of the men’s worries. But the essence of female nature is to protect their special energy. Taking responsibility for solving important problems leads to overstrain, anxiety, neuroses and, as a result, the waste of their inner strength, without which the man next to her will not be successful.

In the old days, each element was attributed to one of the most important female qualities: water gives her intuition and good nature, earth – wisdom, fire – passion, air – mental flexibility and intelligence. The task of women is to keep these elements in balance. It is not necessary to use largely the same ability and completely ignore the other: for example, to be good-natured and stupid.

A woman who is able not to fall into extremes, will be successful and happy, because her inner world is in harmony. Her energy will affect not only the man, but also all others.

Each woman achieves inner balance in different ways, but many of the fairer sex pay attention to the need to listen to yourself more often. Self-development, satisfaction of physical and mental needs leads a woman to realize what she really needs to replenish her energy. It will attract into your life people (primarily men) who need its power and influence.

A woman who shines from within can be seen from afar. She always strives to be as many people as possible, because its inspiration is transferred to the surrounding society. A modest boy next to such a woman turns into a confident man capable of great feats. There is a direct relationship between the inner and outer world. Offended and sad people attract unpleasant events, and Vice versa. One of the most important tasks of a person on his life path is to achieve inner balance and harmony in order to become happy.

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