How to approach beautiful single women in Ukraine?

If you’re thinking of dating beautiful single women in Ukraine, you should be ready for certain obstacles. Things won’t be super easy at first. But you shouldn’t get disheartened if you’re not successful at the beginning – after all, it’s a new dating culture, and you’re dealing with girls whose mindset is entirely different when it comes to romantic relationships. If you acknowledge the differences between the dating game in your home country and in Eastern Europe, it will be creasier to adjust to the new rules.

It may take time to come up with a successful dating strategy in Ukraine and find your best methods of approaching gorgeous singles. In this article you’ll find some useful tips on how to start a relationship with a Ukrainian girl.

Don’t take it as a manual and by all means feel free to improvise. There is no magic formula of winning the heart of a stunning Slavic beauty, but a bit of advice for someone who’s willing to work hard in order to make an international romantic relationship work.

Dating an attractive Ukrainian girl does and don’ts

Where should you look for beautiful single women in Ukraine?

Meeting attractive local girls is not a difficult task. Whenever you go in Ukraine, beautiful ladies will be everywhere, even in the smallest of villages. But if you’re a newcomer, we would recommend to start with the large cities – they are easier to reach and get around.

For someone who doesn’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, well developed tourist infrastructure means a lot. In large Ukrainian cities, you’ll be able to find accommodation that suits your budget, cafes and restaurants to sample local cuisine, ATMs to withdraw cash and, most importantly, lots of interesting places to invite your date to.

 Some of the best cities to search for beautiful single women include:

Clashes of cultures

When you’re in another country, you can never predict when things will suddenly go wrong because of cultural differences. An innocent joke, gesture or even a compliment to a woman can ruin your dating game. What you should do it to keep a friendly attitude and simply apologize if an unpleasant moment takes place.

Just let a woman know that your cultures are rather different and you didn’t have any bad intentions. Then simply move on with your date and enjoy the company of each other. She’ll appreciate you being straightforward and easy going.

Things you should do when dating Ukrainian women

If you’re determined to make your dating game in Ukraine a wonderful success, these are some of the things you should definitely do when dating Ukrainian girls:

Try to look your best for her

Eastern European women take a lot of effort in order to look attractive when dating a man. A girl will do everything in her power to charm you and make the whole dating scene a lovely experience. Making some effort in return would be a good idea. Make sure your face is clean shaven. If a moustache or a beard is a part of your image, get a trim. Choose your accessories smartly – a Ukrainian girl will pay a close attention to every detail.

Give her flowers

Even if it feels weird to wait for your date with a bouquet of flowers in your hands, it’s totally worth it.

Ukrainian women adore flowers and giving lovely bouquets to the girl you like is a part of dating culture all over Eastern Europe.

The sight of beautifully arranged roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, orchids or daisies is sure to put a smile on her face.

Ukrainian single girls for dating and marriage

Behave in a gentleman-like manner

Beautiful single women in Ukraine appreciate old-fashioned courtship which includes opening doors for your girl, helping her off the bus, carrying her heavy bag and all sorts of other small gestures.

Pay the bill

If you expect her to pay 50% for the dinner, tickets and what not, it’s not going to work. A man is considered stingy in Ukraine if he doesn’t pay the bill. If you don’t wish to be considered a cheap person, you’d better follow this rule.

Don’t get easily discouraged

The majority of Ukrainian girls look fantastic and it may get rather overwhelming on the first date. You may think you have no chances with a beauty like that. What you should keep in mind is that she agreed to go on a date with you, so you have all the chances of winning hr affections.

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Some of the biggest no-no’s when dating Ukrainian girls

There are also things that can turn your date into a complete disaster. If you genuinely like a girl and would like to start a romantic relationship with her, you should definitely avoid the following things:

Being self-cantered

Even if you consider yourself a very interesting person with versatile hobbies and lots of exciting experiences to share, make sure to talk about other things rather than yourself. Ask her questions about her interests, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. She’ll do the same for you.

Talking about your previous dating experiences

Even if you had a very eventful love life, think twice before sharing your experiences with a new date. You should be focused on the girl, otherwise she’ll think you’re still elsewhere in your thoughts.

Being uncertain about the future

If you’re not sure whether you want a family and kids, it’s a big turn off for a Ukrainian girl. The majority of women in this country wouldn’t go for a date uselessly – they always consider whether a man could be their potential life partner. If you give a girl an indication that a romantic relationship has no future, most probably she won’t be interested in seeing you again.

Complaining about prices

If your budget leaves much to be desired, choose a place for your date accordingly. It should be cute and charming, but inexpensive. This approach is much better than going to a fancy restaurant and complaining about prices all through the date. Things are not so expensive in Ukraine as in the USA, Western Europe, Australia or Canada, so there are lots of affordable options. All you have to do is check prices in advance. If something appears too costly, just go elsewhere.

Talking badly about your family

Ukrainians are very family oriented, and it sounds rather unpleasant when someone talks badly about their relatives. Family is the first priority for most Ukrainian girls, so you’d better avoid this subject when dating one of them.

Beautiful Ukrainian woman dating a foreign man

The magic effect of being generous with compliments

It’s no secret that women love with their ears, and beautiful single women in Ukraine are no exception. Pay her compliments during the date, but make sure it doesn’t get overwhelming. She should feel your compliments are genuine. Avoid generic statements like “you’re beautiful” or “you look good”. A compliment should be directed towards something specific: her dress, her exceptional hairstyle, her sincere smile or a funny story she told you.

Useful tips

And here are some useful tips that will make your task of approaching Ukrainian girls a bit easier:

  • Before asking her out make sure you look presentable.
  • Avoid pick up lines – they always sound freaky.
  • If you speak English, make sure your words are simple, distinct and easy to understand. If you make an attempt to speak Russian or Ukrainian, explain to her that it’s not your first language and your vocabulary is rather limited.
  • A good joke is an excellent ice-breaker.
  • Ask her for her phone number and take some effort over preparing for the date – it should feel really special.

Final words on dating in Ukraine

If you’re a reasonable human being, you have all the chances with beautiful single women in Ukraine. Lots of them don’t mind searching for love and marriage abroad, and they are pretty adaptable when it comes to starting a family in a new county. In any case, a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman is always a good idea, good luck with your searches!

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