How is dating Ukrainian ladies different from dating Russians

There’s no point in telling that Ukraine is an independent country, and its people speak their own unique language and bear their own culture. It’s quite ordinary for residents of the North-American continent to think that Ukrainian and Russians are somewhat like Texans and Californians, but the truth is much more anticlimactic. You may know Russians, but Ukrainians are altogether a different species.

Nonetheless, Ukrainian women are as attractive, and there’s more to them. Here’s more about them.

Ukraine is rather polarized herself: the West is traditionally more Ukrainian-speaking, while the East prefers Russian language. Ukrainian girls is a peculiar sort, but it doesn’t mean that you’re your experience in handling Russians is nothing.

But the two main questions are:

  • How to handle a Ukrainian girlfriend?


  • How different is dating Ukrainian ladies different from dating Russians?

The answers to them are complicated to find, but together we’ll manage.

How similar are Ukrainian girls and Russian girls

Despite the tension between the nations, the pair of them shares a lot in common. The joint history dates back to 17th century (ignoring the thousand-years-old period, when they were one ethnos). Since then Ukrainians and Russians lived together under one roof and had same difficulties and routines. It regards ladies as well.

Where women lie in society

How stereotypical Ukrainian looks like

Traditionally, and usually in opinion of older generations, women in Russia and Ukraine are expected to be the ‘Hearth Keepers’. It means that while men perform hard physical labor, ladies should keep the home running. In larger picture: girls handle management, while boys execute things. This is why it’s usually a bad form to let girls do as much hard work as you do. And that’s there are a lot of women teachers and bookkeepers in Eastern Europe.

Although keep in mind that these rules aren’t strict, and it 100% always depends on a person

While dating Ukrainian ladies, try to act chivalrous at all times as well. Hold the door, do dirty work or her and so on. In more ‘modern’ societies this behavior can be considered ‘too patriarchal’, but that’s how they live in Ukraine.

Certainly, this way of life may change, especially against the background of strong westernizing processes in modern Ukraine, but we can’t know, how youth will live in a future, at the moment.

Similar values

There is a lasting animosity between two peoples, but they are still made of similar cloth. So, let me tell you, what made them so close to each other.

Common faith

It may not be a major article not, but it surely was a biggest uniting factor before. See, both Ukrainians and Russians are Orthodox. Considering that Orthodox Church does not enjoy being very popular in most countries, it is a big deal. Religion played a big part in culture and architecture. So big, in fact, that a tourist would hardly notice crossing border, would it still be open like before.

There are a few countries in Europe that resemble Ukrainian spirit and architecture, but still can surprise the tourists. These countries are, for instance: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Cyprus. They are Orthodox, and most of them were communist before, which means, they are a lot like Ukraine.


It’s an obvious one. Have a Russian and a Ukrainian wear their national costumes, and you would hardly even notice a difference. Same goes to linguistic peculiarities. The Eastern-Slavic languages (to which branch the nations in question belong) are built alike. Russians can understand what almost any sentence in Ukrainian talks about. However, never ever imply that they’re basically the same thing.

The legacy of Soviet Union

Less than 30 years ago USSR broke apart and every soviet republic in it gained independence. But before that all children were given same candy, same medicine and they all watched same TV-shows.

Economic crisis shortly before the Dissolution and continued through the entirety of 90s (in some places it’s still in effect). This means that the newborn countries relied mostly on the help of one another. And the children get same treats and watch same shows to the date.

‘Why do I need to know this?’

Here’s the answer: because if you ever try searching for ways to better understand a Ukrainian person (namely, a Ukrainian girl), you can learn it from reading about Russians. Nonetheless, your Ukrainian passion may look, live and talk like a Russian, but she surely is not one.

Peculiar properties of a Ukrainian woman

The Internet wouldn’t be filled with headlines about Russians being blamed by Ukrainians for everything (and vice versa), if they were two sides of the same coin. There are a bunch of differences, and here’s a couple for your education.

National identity

Whereas features of being Russian have long been established, the recently freed Ukrainian ethnos couldn’t establish anything. When the Union broke apart, the independent Ukrainian State stood on the crossroads, not sure where it belongs.

Nowadays Ukrainians still seek their identity and respect their traditions up to the madness. Whereas any nationalism in Russia is shunned by government and by many viewed as selfish.

Love of Europe

For many Russian women Europe appears mysterious and fascinating. However Europe for Ukrainians is just behind the fence. The country has always had close ties to the Western world, and its ideals are still popular in Ukraine, especially in the West of it. Therefore, if your mother tongue is French, German, English or any other from Europe – you are in luck.


Building closer relationship with the West (which Ukraine aims to do) requires a certain withdrawal from remainders of Soviet social system. Self-expressing, limited by communists, has found a solid ground to grow in the country.

Unordinary social movements, types of art, ways to say, what you have in mind, are now encouraged. Think of it as you will, dating Ukrainian ladies match will surely surprise you in some way.

Some advice on how to use it in practice

How talking looks like

It would be one useless theory, if it couldn’t be used practically. Well, it can be used in practice.

What-you-must-do tips

First of all, in case you know how to handle Russian ladies, use it to your advantage. For example:

  • If you have some knowledge of Russian, chances are – it will come in handy. It’s not about talking to her in the language she knows since the cradle. It’s about those many phenomena English mode has no words for;
  • If you know fresh trends from Russian side of the Web, she probably does as well. Do you know how many Ukrainian domains there is? 640.000 domains in the whole Internet. Not exactly a friendly place for a fellow Ukrainian speaker, that’s why they mostly hang out on Russian websites;
  • Be obliging and show signs of respect (which is a good advice in any case);
  • Try not to be too hasty: both Russians and Ukrainians don’t give away their emotions that fast;
  • Try not to say the words like «honey» and «baby»: no Russian or Ukrainian ever use them. Just call her by the name, and you’ll be fine;
  • Don’t be short on compliments, which you could learn from guides about finding a Russian match.

But if you want to know exactly what to say in front of a Ukrainian woman – check out these tips.

Do-not-do-that tips

In every guide lie the advices on what not to do, as well as on what to do. And here are the guideline about things that might have worked with a Russian lady, but fail while dating Ukrainian ladies (as well as just examples of silly mistakes). First of all, try to use your common sense, as these are just the tip of an iceberg:

  • Don’t assume she’s Russian, when you get acquainted. Ever;
  • Try to maintain balance between being her knight in shining armor and giving her unnecessary help. Ukrainians are known to be rush, energetic and headstrong;
  • Don’t mock the traditions of her people. Even if she never cared about them so much, your jokes about it may cause her to protect her legacy with utmost seriousness;
  • Be more open-minded. When a man has a Russian girlfriend, he tries not to blurt out too much, but having an open mind will probably draw you closer to your Ukrainian passion.

In conclusion

So, in most cases dating Ukrainian ladies is no different from dating a Russian. However, keep the abovementioned points in mind and always be acute.

In case you want to know, why exactly Ukrainian girls are so attracted to Europeans and Americans, we recommend you to check out this video as well: