Why cannot I use the site if I am below 18 y.o. and I already date someone?

The Site Materials are meant for adults only. We literally guarantee to your parents that you won’t be reading the texts provided on our pages as they may contain the explicit, openly erotic content. Professional advice of the psychologist on intimate matters is considered the explicit content too.

What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of our site is suggesting harmonious solutions to singles, couples, families who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Does this site assist in finding a partner?

We aren’t providing the dating services. However, you may find the ads and links on our Site that help to find a partner online.

Can I become an author or expert?

Like it’s said in the Terms of use, we prefer our authors to be certified or at least proven experts. If you think you can qualify, then please apply your short bio and a short text sample through the Contact us form. No guarantees about publishing are given.