Dating online with Ukrainian women. Pros and Cons

With the development of technology and the emergence of the ability of people to communicate over long distances online, a phenomenon called “love by correspondence” arose. The number of novels that appeared on the Internet has increased significantly with the advent of social networks, and now virtual love is gradually becoming a rival to traditional relations in Ukraine.

According to statistics, the majority of Ukrainian women begin to search for their soul mate on the Internet and spin novels online due to the unfortunate life experience of “real” relationships. Ukrainian women who create relationships on the Internet value love on social networks the most because they can create any person out of themselves, that is, create an image that will be close to the desired ideal. The Internet gives to Ukrainian women the opportunity to saturate their lives with emotions that have long been absent in real life.

Correspondence gives some space that is necessary when a person is not yet ready for a new page in his life, but needs new feelings.

Ukrainian women choose online dating versus real

Reasons of online dating appearance

Ukrainian women choose to communicate on the Internet because they just get tired of building relationships in real life and every time starting all over again. People resort to dating on the Internet and as a means to increase recognition. For example, if a person has rated a new uploaded photo or somehow praised a new blog post, this is very nice. Such attention cannot only be liked; it increases the level of self-esteem and becomes a balm for the soul, which is so little in real life. A novel on the Internet is a kind of temptation, which allows you to get a certain amount of recognition that is necessary for almost any person. For the same reasons, people who are introverts by nature and do not know how to make real communication often make such acquaintances. It is through the Internet that they learn to interest and fall in love.

The way to find your soul mate

Is it possible to fall in love online?

Today, searching for a couple on the Internet is common. On the World Wide Web there are a large number of resources on which you can chat with completely different people of interest. Ukrainian women are looking for a companion for life, and some only engage in light flirting. One way or another, there are a large number of examples where two people who were always engaged only in correspondence later met, and then with the same ease found common topics and became a happy married couple, finding truly true love.

However, you need to understand that, despite its pros and cons, communication on the Internet today remains a lottery. There is always a chance to meet the wrong person, because each virtual interlocutor can only create a fictional image that often does not exist in real life. Eventually, virtual communication begins to turn into real. Only then, a real interaction, partnership, or an unsuccessful romance happens.

Can virtual communication replace real?

Statistics shows that more and more of Ukrainian women from the real world are moving into the virtual space, and this question is especially acute for those who are looking for a soul mate. Real and virtual communication can coexist, but it is only important to prioritize correctly. Conversation through a monitor will never replace a live contact where you can see real emotions and feel a person. Often, online communication is built on deception, because people are sure that they will never meet with their interlocutor in person.

There is a very strange tendency among Ukrainian women – it is much easier for a virtual friend to trust than for a close relative. Psychologists call this phenomenon the “fellow traveller effect”, when it’s easier to tell a secret to a person whom you will never take away, and, in fact, you don’t know, considering his advice as objective as possible. As a result, virtual communication creates the illusion that on the other side of the monitor is the closest and most loyal friend who will always be there, but it is impossible to verify this. There are exceptions, but this is not common.

Internet helps to create the fantasy about true love

Online communication with Ukrainian women

1. Do not turn into sticky fish

A classic mistake in long-distance relationships is the belief that since you are geographically separated, you must do our best to compensate for this by constant, uninterrupted virtual communication. No, do not do that! You will quickly get tired of love, which takes all the time and energy, maintaining relationships will be perceived as hard work. Moreover, the partner may think that you are behaving too sticky and possessive; he will feel trapped and begin to suffocate.

2. Create the rituals of your couple

Your relationship, in essence, began as a remote one, and then create rituals that you can implement through instant messengers and Skype. The simplest and most obvious: every day write or say to each other “Good morning” and “Good night”, tell how your day went, send photos, short audio and video – of yourself and everything that surrounds you. “Here I am, here is my view from the balcony, here is my road to work …” – to those who are in love, this is all-important and interesting.

3. Brevity and openness

First, you need to remember that communication takes place in the format of short messages. Secondly, your task is to interest, not tire. In order not to do the second, you do not need to answer in detail questions on duty like “How did you sleep?” or “How was the weekend?” If the communication with Ukrainian women went beyond greeting, try to send messages a little less than your partner does. Let her not feel excessive interest, on the contrary, it can scare away, or relax.

4. Taboo on stickers

Do not replace words with emoticons and pictures. It can be supplemented, but not replaced. Not everyone loves them. However, the main thing is that they do not make imagination work and do not give rise to mental images. Only words do it. Agree that the message “You’re done!” I am proud of you! ”Will bring much more emotions and cause much more thoughts about you than an on-duty approving emoticon.

5. Create image

By the way, about the image. Do not show that you need your partner. However, show that you treat him well, support him, rejoice at his successes, etc. You have a bright life, interesting work, many positive things. Make you want to join this positive. Nevertheless, do not replay – do not create the impression of a frivolous dragonfly from a fable. In no case, do not talk about the problems! If it concerns money, work, health, and especially – relations with the ex. This is generally a forbidden topic with Ukrainian women.

6. Intrigue and excitement

It is necessary to intrigue and make Ukrainian women worry. Moreover, it is necessary that this excitement be personal. For example, in response to the same “How did the day go?” write “I understood something about you today.” It’s just that “I understood something today” will not work. This can generally be repelled by the prospect of a “muddy” conversation. It is necessary to include the interlocutor in this story, to make him a participant. Then you can say goodbye for a while, referring to urgent matters or just disappear from the ether. Guaranteed – his thoughts until the conversation continues will be occupied only by your message.

7. Praise and Compliments

Do not miss the opportunity to note that Ukrainian women are good at something. Be interested in her work and praise for the result. Approve actions and decisions. However, do it unobtrusively, only in response and metered. Let her self-esteem receive a little nourishment, but in every conversation with you, she grows in his own eyes. Gradually, you will form a whole world connected with you, in which your interlocutor will feel better than with anyone else.

In compliments, you should try to get away from platitudes and vulgarities, otherwise you will be considered an ordinary womanizer among Ukrainian women. Of course, you need to note appearance, talents and intelligence, but messages about how impressed the girl made on you, how unusual she is, how you recall something, etc. have a particularly magnetic effect. Let her feel special with you.

Remember that Ukrainian women are mostly focused on long-term relationships, not on sexual adventures. However, if you do not want this, then do not force to fantasize about a joint future. There is a risk of opening the door, and there – “I am yours!” With a suitcase.

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