When West meets Ukraine

Women from various countries get compared all the time. And since the beauty is totally subjective matter, which depends on the person, there are a lot of opinions on the topic which women are the most gorgeous. When one decides to compare women from Ukraine and women from western countries, there are some differences that might attract or turn someone off from meeting them, no matter which group they belong to. First off, there is the behavior.

For women that originate from the western cultures it is usual that they are more reserved when it comes to attracting men. They are taking the role of the quiet princess that needs to me won over by a night in the shiny armor. On the other hand, there are Ukrainian women, who are very flirtatious and who are actively taking part in the whole teasing process, that goes on before the dating. That kind of behavior is seen as positive in Ukrainian culture. So, don’t be surprised if you see a girl not taking her eyes off of you while you walk along the streets of any city in Ukraine. Then, there is the way they generally look. While most of the ladies that are raised in western cultures tend to dress more modestly, with high level of practical usage, women in Ukraine love showing their curves. What is often described as “dressing up like a prostitute” in western countries, it is pretty normal clothes in big cities of Ukraine.

Ukrainian ladies tend to tease and show some skin in order to get men’s attention and they are doing just fine with the way they dress. When ever they walk down the street, every man turns his head after them. And you might say that they practically upgraded the way of getting all eyes on them. Also, unlike women from west, Ukrainian ladies tend to have a pretty laid back and care free life. Some of that comes from the fact that a man is expected to pay for everything in their culture, but the rest comes from the personal attitude. They spice up their days with lots of spontaneity and laugh, tend to look at life with a smile on their faces, no matter how harsh the conditions are. They always tend to get the best out of the given situation. That is what makes them so special and unique. In Ukraine women aren’t so used to identifying themselves with their careers and don’t feel the need to be as successful in business, as men.

They feel just fine staying at home and cooking and raising children. That makes them more feminine and domestic in the eyes of the men from West. On the other hand, women from countries like United States often see that as the main goal in life, while putting the family to the second place. Everything seems to be tied to money and career for them. And with the gender roles getting all evened out in the West, lots of romance, gender role expectations as well as chivalry is lost for good. So, sometimes it seems like a good thing to have gender roles in the society.

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