Ukrainian girls VS the rest of the world

It is a normal thing that one tries to compare various cultures, ways of living, customs in different countries. It is fun to see how people see the world in different shades and through different glasses. The customs of one country shape the reality as we know it. When meeting or getting to know of meet Ukrainian women, there are some things that instantly get noticed. It can be both good and bad things, but one primarily notices that they aren’t the same as in his culture. First off, there is the way Ukrainian ladies dress. Their clothes is tight to their bodies, sometimes it even shows a bit of skin and is really provocative.

Their main goal is to draw attention to themselves and show off their sexuality, which they are doing pretty good at, by the way. When they walk down the street, they make guys turn around to check them out once more. In some cultures, for example in western countries like United States, that type of clothing is considered rude, and is often connected to prostitutes. And in other cultures, women simply don’t have the need to accentuate their curves as much, because their way of living is totally different, such as in Arab countries. Then, there is the time these ladies spend on their looks, while putting their make up and fixing their hair. Lots of ladies in other cultures tend to be practical and do not spend a lot of time on putting their make up on, if they put their make up at all.

But, Ukrainian ladies enjoy in those rituals, and they are more than willing to get up for work earlier, just so they could get everything set and done properly. They put a lot of attention into the way they look. Also, unlike most of the women from Arabic countries, Ukrainian ladies are all slim and attractive, at least in the big cities. They tend to work out a lot and walk a lot, which makes them more similar to ladies from western cultures. But, they aren’t obsessed with their looks. They love enjoying in life and always having a smile on their faces. In that aspect they are more like women from Arab culture. What is most interesting with Ukrainian customs and traditions is, that unlike most of the countries and cultures, they don’t have a dominant and protective norms, which often lead to taking some serious situations very easily.

Ukrainian women don’t have as much boundaries and limitations in their society as the other women have in their cultures, but that is exactly where they get their experience from. By going through different life scenarios and situations, Ukrainian girls realize very soon which their own personal limitations and boundaries are. And that is exactly the reason they don’t tend to take everything for granted. And unlike any other culture, in Ukraine there aren’t fixed and divided gender roles, nor gender confusions. Women tend to take typical female roles, that come from more traditional countries, and men are taking on male and manly roles as well. Ukrainian culture has its own positive and negative sides when compared to each culture. The only thing that is important is, how much does one get along with the way they live.

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