Matchmaking and how it works in Ukraine

Matchmaking is the service that is provided by some people for a long time. Earlier that was done in one way, and nowadays it is also possible to get in touch with lots of potential partners over the internet dating sites. There is a whole bunch of online dating agencies which are giving those kind of services to foreign men. But, as in every online business, there are some problems that occur. First off, there are two types of agencies. The first type has amazingly done websites and they are often targeting the foreigners on the worldwide level. The problem that occurs here is that these sites often contain photos professional photo models, who may not even be from Ukraine. They look amazingly and jaw dropping, but those aren’t the ladies which are registered on the site.

The other group of agencies are the ones, which do it more the old school- they have it all on paper and are targeting only those foreigners who walk in, which means that these guys are already in Ukraine. The problem with these agencies is, that there may be a great selection of potential brides, but one has to come to Ukraine first. The next problem that occurs in both types of matchmaking agencies is that their databases aren’t refreshed often enough. So it comes to a situation that a girl got married long ago and is happy, but her personal data are still in the database of the agency.

Also, since girls don’t just sit around and wait for their prince to show up on a white steed, they are dating in the meantime. That is how, sometimes, it occurs that a girl, who is listed as single, is currently seeing someone and may even be in a relationship. But, since that is all business for these matchmaking agencies, they will do anything in order to get some more money. Many of them do their jobs really good, but there are also those cases you should have in mind. It is said: “Better safe than sorry”. Since there is nothing that can be done while in the virtual world on internet, you might want to pay attention to scams.

Their only goal is to get as much money from you as they can. There is more than one case when men, who are very smart and intelligent, are being deceived into spending a lot of money for something that they believe is their true love. The first tip with that is to never send any money before you have confirmed that a girl you’re chatting with is actually the one she presents herself with. You never know who is behind the other side of the computer. It might even be an old chubby guy, as far as you know. Even if that girl has sent her photos, that doesn’t mean a thing. Anyone can do that, especially in these day and age. Also, don’t send any gifts or expensive presents, because that is the same type of mistake as the first one. Get that person as soon as possible to communicate through Skype or any other form of video chat. At least until you meet her in person. A lot of people are willing to use other mans troubles to get the money, so be careful when it comes to online dating.

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