Women from Ukraine and their reputation

Each country has its reputation. Holland is known for their controversial way of living, Ireland for its landscapes and pubs, Germany and Japan for their punctuality. And Ukraine is known for the care free life and lots of gorgeous women. How does it look when you manage to go to Ukraine and get to explore the big cities? The first thing you notice, besides nice cities, is how great women look. And if you start thinking that it’s some special day in the year, look again tomorrow. Ladies from Ukraine always look like they got out of the session with the professional make up artist. Besides looking like that, women in Ukraine are smart and care free.

They live their lives to the fullest and since there are no moral norms, like in many other cultures, to hold them down, they can experience the life as it is, with all bad and good situations and scenarios. That is exactly why Ukrainian girls find out what they want at an early age and they take most of things seriously. Still, they like to spice up their days with nice dose of humor and a good laugh, whenever they can. Another important thing to know about Ukrainian women and their culture is, that when you are taking one out on a date, it is expected of you to pay for everything. A man has to provide for the woman both in relationship and in marriage. So, when it comes to dating Ukrainian ladies, pay attention to next few of things.

First off, try to look good at all times, have a decent haircut. Women in Ukraine love to see a man who is willing to dedicate time to getting himself done properly. Than, it’s the attitude. Most of women in Ukraine take the typical female gender roles on themselves. That means that a man has to be strong and dominant in order to be able to work it all out. As already mentioned, a man in Ukraine is expected to provide with finances, but not only with that. Ukrainian ladies also like seeing a man who has a strong personality. He can be dominant when he has the need for that, has the appropriate leadership skills and is pretty family oriented. Don’t be surprised with the fact that most of the girls in Ukraine tend to get married at an early age. It is nothing unusual in their culture to see a woman, who is about 20 years old, getting married, having kids and a family.

These ladies aren’t obsessed with being as successful as men in the business world. They actually find this gender role that is typical for females in traditional cultures very interesting and they are comfortable with that behavior type. Also, the age difference between spouses in Ukraine is another thing that might seem really odd to a foreigner, but for them is pretty normal. As most of the girls dream of having family and being provided with everything they need, it is logical to them, that an older man will do better than the younger one. So seeing a 2 year old woman getting married to a 10 years older guy is nothing strange. If you want to impress your Ukrainian girl, be sure to get to know their customs and way of living.

For example, never give a dozen of roses to a girl when you are on a date. Dozen is the number that is connected with funerals, when it comes to numbers. When it comes to leaving their country, most of the Ukrainian women aren’t ready to take that step. You must accept that majority of the Ukrainian ladies is really tied to their family and friends, and if you do manage to find the woman who will do that, she is one of the rare ones.

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