Looks for the win

Looking great was always the priority for women. What that exactly means can vary from culture to culture. In Arabic culture it is considered gorgeous when a woman has a nice hijab and make up, when she is dressed modestly. In European countries, women are considered attractive if they are wearing clothes that doesn’t reveal much, but isn’t as modest as in eastern countries. And in Ukraine, that is taken to a whole new level. That is why going to Ukraine and seeing their women in person is such a big deal for a lot of men. Ukrainian women tend to spend a lot of time on just looking great. Getting all repaired to leave the house, for work or for any other reason, may sometimes last for over 2 hours.

And while that seems like a lot of time for guys, these girls deal with that on everyday basis. They care a lot about their personal appearance and they will do anything to look nice. Besides having the best make up and hair, they also tend to work out a lot and to walk. In that way, they burn all the calories and rarely look chunky. Generally seen, getting chubby is something that isn’t usual in their society, so, even if some of them do get some kilo more, they still manage to look great. And while most of the women dress up and put their make up on to impress men and seduce them, primarily, ladies in Ukraine tend to simply beat the competition. Because, there is no better compliment, than when a woman turns her head after another woman.

When looking for a suitable man, Ukrainian women also tend to take looks as a first filter. Most of the men in Ukraine tend to dress more formally. Baggy clothes and pants just isn’t what they are used to seeing, because Ukraine wasn’t overflown with pop-culture. That is why their men are more “manly” and dress the way they do. And by dressing like a slob isn’t going to get the attention of the ladies. So, it is important to pay attention to the way you look if you plan to meet a gorgeous Ukrainian girl. Women in Ukraine appreciate the dedication to the looks, and a man who takes care of his appearance is more probably to win them over easier. Also, cultural differences in the way they dress are also important.

Clothes that Ukrainian women usually wear is something that most off the women from western cultures wouldn’t put on that easily. What is the difference? Well, unlike western culture, culture in Ukraine doesn’t have as much prohibitions and moral norms. So Ukrainian women usually wear tight clothes that hugs their curves, shows off their sexuality and even show some skin along the way. That doesn’t bother Ukrainian women, on contrary. Even most of the men from around the globe have the opinion that Ukrainian women are more feminine than those from the United States, which belong to western culture. And with the clothes comes also the way they wear it. So, don’t be surprised with lots of flirting if you find yourself in Ukraine, because that is the main ingredient of their secret recipe. And that is why Ukraine is the best place to have fun.

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