International dating

Long ago, there was something called “matchmaking”. People who used to do that were the ones bringing lots of happy couples together. After that, as the technology became more and more advanced, there was something called “mail-order-bride”. It does sound a lot like selling a product, but in fact, that was a way to get to know single women in various countries and maybe date them with the sole purpose of getting married to one of them. How does that look like today? There are tons of online dating sites, which offer the same services, just under the different name. But, the way of getting to know a girl is the same. And these sites are filled with profiles made by girls and women from Ukraine. Most of the women in Ukraine prefer traditional type of meeting and dating, but there are also those who love using modern technology for that.

And what is the most interesting is that you can find a pretty big range of ages, when it comes to browsing through the data base. There are girls, who are in their late teens, as well as women who are in their 30s. And they are all looking for true love. Still, as in every clash between different cultures, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when dating a girl from Ukraine.

From the very beginning, a man is expected to finance everything- every dinner, date, some cute gifts, flowers, basically everything a lady wants. And he might come across some situations he isn’t used to seeing in his own culture. For example, what most of the men forget to pay attention to is the way they are dressed and of their haircut. Ukrainian ladies don’t like men who are always wearing casual clothes and who aren’t paying attention to their looks a lot. It is also nothing uncommon in Ukraine to see a very young girl dating and getting married to a man who is about 10 years older than her. Age difference is nothing to be worried about in this culture. Sometimes it is better accepted, because an older man is considered to be experienced and wiser and with that also better provider of everything she might need. And unlike women from western culture, Ukrainian women don’t feel the need to compete with men when it comes to working.

They feel better in the role of a mother and a housewife. Also, when compared to most of the ladies from European countries, Ukrainian ladies are dressed more provocative and tend to flirt a lot more, which is also part of their culture. Most of the men from another countries considered these ladies to be more feminine and naturally beautiful in comparison with women from United States. So, there are a lot of differences that need to be taken into consideration before one decides himself to start a relationship or marry a woman who is from Ukraine. And there is no better way to meet her than to meet her culture and see the way she is living.

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