Tips on culture when meeting Ukrainian women

Single persons all over the world are looking for their soul mates. Before the invention of the internet, there were lots of matchmaking agencies, but now there are online dating sites which basically do the same thing. And if one is interested in meeting a girl from a country such as Ukraine, that can be done as well, because now there are no boundaries. But, before one gets himself into an adventure like that, it is a wise move to get to know the Ukrainian culture and way of living. To begin with, Ukrainian traditions aren’t as strong as in other countries.

In Arab countries, for example, social roles are divided and strict, which means that men have their role and women have a totally different one. In United States there is an equality between men and women, which has its advantages but also its flaws. Unlike these countries, in Ukraine gender roles aren’t so fixed and strict. But, since the population has the need for roles, women in Ukraine tend to take on roles that suit their needs. For example, it isn’t so strange to see an Ukrainian girl getting married as soon as she is 18 and being a housewife after that. Ukrainian ladies are comfortable with having this role. They are to stay at home and take care of the children and fix lunch or dinner, while the man goes off to work and earns money.

But, before getting married, there are also some of the customs in Ukraine that might catch men from other cultures by surprise. First off, Ukrainian women love dressing up and putting on their make up. They are even willing to get up a couple of hours earlier just so they could get ready properly. And when they get out from their houses, you’ll see that the waiting was worth it, every minute of it. Also, if you happen to get some flirty looks from some of them, don’t be surprised, that is socially accepted in Ukraine. Flirting and seducing is part of their culture. After all, Ukrainian women did develop a certain way of getting a mans attention. Clothes that is tight and revealing their curves makes them even more provocative and desirable, which is exactly why most of the men find them more feminine and attractive in comparison with women from other cultures.

Since there aren’t lots of moral norms in Ukrainian culture, women are free to live their life the way they want to. Being a virgin to the marriage is not something that many of them do, but the amazing thing is, that most of them actually want to date only one guy. Having old traditional relationship pattern is more suitable for them and they prefer having that kind of relationship that will some day lead to marriage with the same person. Also, there are those ladies who would rather have an online meeting before deciding to meet that guy in person.


But, that is only a small part of the female population in Ukraine. What they look for in a guy can often come off as too demanding for men who aren’t from their culture. Their prince charming has to be both strong and emotional, full of support and with his feet on the ground. Have in mind that although Ukrainian ladies have lots of freedom when it comes to social norms, they don’t take things as easily as that is sometimes the case with women from other cultures.


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    1. I need girls for marriage only age between 18 to 22

      1. Anonymous says:

        The objective of online dating chat is to attract people, not just to date them.

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  1. Mohamed Elzubair says:

    I need girls for marriage only age between 18 to 22

    1. Anonymous says:

      Create a good profile

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most people don’t understand how to date.

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    They just try to be themselves.

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    It’s natural to be open-minded and try new things.

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    Just be yourself and you’ll meet someone with whom you share a common interest.

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    Whether you’re a shy person or not, being open and honest will help you make the right impression.

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    Once you’re comfortable with yourself, you’ll be able to approach your partner with confidence.

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    One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are in an online dating chat is asking the wrong question.

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    It may be tempting to ask questions like “How long have you been in this city?” but this is not an effective way to build attraction.

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