Meeting Ukrainian ladies in Ukraine

If you are looking for the way to get to know a nice Ukrainian girl and you want to marry her, the best way is to skip online dating and the usage of agencies, because in the most cases it turns out that it’s not worth it. You can spend a lot of money, a lot of time, get scammed easily and still have nothing of what you want. In other words, you might get left empty handed in the end of it all. The best way, which is guaranteed to get you the real experience, is to pack your bags and set out to see how they live in Ukraine and find yourself a nice lady there.

First off, there are two types of suitors- the ones who come to Ukraine in order to find a wife, and those who are foreigners, but are already there, and they want to get married. So, let’s assume that you managed to get to Ukraine. What is the first place you would look for a girl to meet? There are a lot of places that you can visit, which can be possible hot spot for meeting lot of women. If you have even the basic knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian, pretty much any bar or coffee shop will do the trick. Those places are nice to hang out in, they create a very pleasant atmosphere and make people feel comfortable. So it’s not such a problem to meet a girl in while you are there. Also you might want to consider visiting some areas, which are often considered to be “hot-spots” for tourists.

That includes various sightseeing places, the center of the city you are in, or some other important building. Local girls know those places and they might know English as well, so you have very good chances running into some of them. But, if you aren’t skilled at Russian nor Ukrainian, there is still hope for you. Irish Pubs and similar bars might be perfect places, because lots of English speaking Ukrainian ladies go there, as well as lots of tourists. Also, foreign restaurants might do the same trick. Just keep your eyes open for those places. But, if you are someone who is already living for some time in Ukraine and you are looking for a girl to meet, besides visiting already mentioned places, there are lots of activities that women see as hobbies, like various courses, or game nights, or even events like speed dating, where you can meet a lot of single ladies, who are interested in meeting someone new for dating.

Also, if there are some English classes, or some other language classes, you might get the chance to meet Ukrainian women there. Good events are also those which are oriented towards foreign cultures. And if you have friends which are native speakers, going to parties and using the chance to get to know some of the girls there is also a good idea. Still, as you can already assume, for foreigners is recommended to be more active when it comes to meeting new people in general and to have more approaching attitude.

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